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  • FX-888DX How do you solder?

    A newly adopted rotary encoder offers ideal operability.

  • FX-600D Temperature controlable soldering iron with digital display

    The performance and features of the soldering station are packed in a small and easy-to-handle iron.

  • FX-971/FX-972 Experience a Whole New Level

    "the standard" , which has been contributing to the soldering industry for years, is evolving.

  • FX-305 Max. Temp. 530℃ of high power soldering pot

    Making the ”impossible” possible.
    Max. Temp. 530℃ of high power soldering pot.

  • FX-305 Introduction of Functions

    Introduction of FX-305, Max. Temp. 530℃ of high power soldering pot .

  • FX-805 Ultra Power 400 W Soldering Station

    The Fusion of Ultra Power & Operability Unleashes Heavy-Duty Soldering.
    The Smallest, Lightest, and Best Heavy-Duty Soldering Station

  • FX-805 Introduction of Application software

    The dedicated software for FX-805 helps achieve traceability in manual soldering by recording set temperature, calibration/offset results, and tip sensor temperature in soldering. It prevents human error in such recording.

  • FX-805 Introduction of Functions

    Introduction of Functions of FX-805, Ultra Power 400 W Soldering Station

  • FX-805 Performance Difference by Wattage

    Ultra Power 400 W
    Melting solder time trial for comparison of performance among different wattages

  • HAKKO FH-305 | The Iron holder with foldable design for carrying and storing

    The Iron holder with foldable design for carrying and storing
    The foldable design makes it easier to carry and store than the conventional model.

  • HAKKO FX-1003; The World's Smallest Class IH Micro Hot Tweezers

    The excellent thermal performance of IH technology and 4 types of alignment adjustments to make the best possible contact between a component and tips make rework on 0402 easy and comfortable.

  • HAKKO FT-720; Quick Tip Cleaning

    FT-720 Tip Cleaner equipped with an infrared sensor quickly cleans a tip with rotating brushes and helps improve soldering process.

  • HAKKO 373/374; The Optional Parts for the Auto-Solder Feed System

    The new optional parts make it possible to feed solder from the underside of the tip just like manual soldering and obtain "heat-bridge effect" in which molten solder helps heat transfer to enable ideal soldering.

  • HAKKO FG-465; The Advanced Footwear Tester

    The advanced footwwar tester, FG-465, saves measurement data automatically with PC. FG-465 comes with a dedicated software to support measurement and ID management. Also FG-465 works as a combo tester when connected to FG-470, HAKKO wrist strap tester.

  • HAKKO HU-200; Easy-to-operate 4-axis + 1 (feeder) control soldering robot system

    All-in-one soldering robot system into which the solder feed controller and the programming software are incorporated.

  • HAKKO Original Software; Easy Programing Software for Auto-Soldering

    It makes it very easy to create soldering programs without expertise of I/O connection or general robot programing.

  • HAKKO HU-100; 4-Axis Table-Top Type Soldering Robot

    Anyone can create programs with simple input HAKKO original 4 axis table-top type auto-soldering robot system.

  • HAKKO FX-600; workability comparison graph

    Great work efficiency exceeding conventional stick irons.

  • HAKKO FX-600; amazing thermal recovery

    Overwhelming thermal recovery.

  • HAKKO FV-310 | Hot air blower with variable temperature and airflow

    Fine control of temperature and air flow for a variety of applications contributes to improvement of work efficiency.

  • HAKKO FU-500/FU-601; Auto-soldering with super power 300 W for a wide range of applications

    300W power for better soldering quality and productivity

  • HAKKO FU-500/FU-601; Examples of applications

    A Smart Way to build an Auto-Soldering System

  • HAKKO FT-802; More sharp, precise, and effective

    Enables higher quality and more precise insulation stripping

  • HAKKO FR-811; Low-cost, high-quality rework station

    HAKKO FR-811 can be transformed into a low cost SMD rework system with a variety of accessories!

  • HAKKO FR-400; the super power of 300 watts ! (nozzle quick change type)

    Achieve quick and secure desoldering even on high heat capacity and high heat dissipation property PWB. Quick and safe nozzle replacement with Nozzle quick changer (optional item) can help select a suitable nozzle from 3 different ones in max. for each work.

  • HAKKO FN-1010; Pioneer the future of soldering with advanced IoT technology (in Chinese )

    Enables human error-free temperature control and traceability of manual soldering process

  • HAKKO FN-1010; Pioneer the future of soldering with advanced IoT technology

    Enables human error-free temperature control and traceability of manual soldering process

  • HAKKO FM-206; so easy-to-use

    Convenient to use with large display and revolving knob.

  • HAKKO FG-102; an innovation in tip temperature control

    Tip temperature thermometer with traceability management system. A new proposal for improvement and labor-saving in tip temperature control, from measurement to records management, for enhancement of manufacturing quality.

  • HAKKO FG-100B; automatic measurement to standardize the process

    Minimize individual differences in how to complete measurement and read result.