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Soldering Iron/IoT Capable Type


  • Improve traceability
  • Minimize human error
  • Optimize soldering conditions

Available in:

  • Japan
  • North America
  • Europe
  • Oceania
  • Asia
  • Other Countries

Enables human error-free temperature control and traceability of manual soldering process with IoT communications

The combination of a soldering iron FN-1010 and a thermometer FG-100B optimizes manual soldering by improving traceability and minimizing human error with the use of IoT technology.

Ensuring traceability of the soldering process

Information during soldering is collected.

A memory chip in the T36 series tip collects the information described below.

Collectible data

  • Tip shape
  • Tip serial number
  • Number of loads
  • Total time of power supplied
  • Load detection sensitivity
  • Type of solder alloy (Lead-Free/Leaded)
  • Load repetition count alarm
Collect information of manual soldering

Information is collected and saved in real time.

Soldering information is collected and saved in real time.

You can observe the ongoing operation on the LCD.

You can observe the ongoing operation on the LCD.


It is also possible to save on a PC to observe.

  • The dedicated software is required to save and confirm on the PC.

The dedicated software is available for download on our website.
Click here to download the FN-1010 software.

Management by visualizing soldering operation

By visualizing the energy supplied by the soldering iron tip during soldering, it is now possible to manage the factors of soldering work that were not possible before.
Optimizing the soldering conditions with the collected data is also possible.

Management by visualizing soldering operation

Temperature management with human error-free

Automatic calibration and correction can be completed by sending the measured temperature value of the thermometer (FG-100B/FG-101B), via infrared.
Since the results of temperature measurement, calibration, or offset can be saved automatically, temperature management with human error-free is possible.

Measure the tip temperature
Record the measured temperature value by sending via infrared

Motion sensor built-in soldering iron

Auto-sleep / Auto-shutoff

The built-in sensor of the tip inside makes it possible to use auto-sleep and auto-shutoff functions without connecting the station and the iron holder, and it helps to lay out the station and iron holder freely in the working space.

Free fall detection

A motion sensor detects free fall and cuts the power automatically.

Motion sensor built-in soldering iron

Safety-designed iron holder for user-friendly

Tip cleaner with solder ball preventive design

Solder balls during tip cleaning can be reduced by 99% with devised cleaner designs such as a smaller aperture, set angle, and position of the cleaning wire.* In-house comparison

Tip cleaner with solder ball preventive design

Safe tip replacement

The newly designed iron holder allows easy and safe tip replacement with a tip removing attachment and tip insertion holder.

Safe tip replacement