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Videos of HU-200 Auto-Soldering System

Videos for : "Auto-Soldering System"

  • HAKKO HU-200; Easy-to-operate 4-axis + 1 (feeder) control soldering robot system

    All-in-one soldering robot system into which the solder feed controller and the programming software are incorporated.

  • HAKKO Original Software; Easy Programing Software for Auto-Soldering

    It makes it very easy to create soldering programs without expertise of I/O connection or general robot programing.

  • HAKKO HU-100; 4-Axis Table-Top Type Soldering Robot

    Anyone can create programs with simple input HAKKO original 4 axis table-top type auto-soldering robot system.

  • HAKKO FU-500/FU-601; Auto-soldering with super power 300 W for a wide range of applications

    300W power for better soldering quality and productivity

  • HAKKO FU-500/FU-601; Examples of applications

    A Smart Way to build an Auto-Soldering System