Auto-Soldering System/Auto-Soldering Unit

HAKKO FU-500/FU-601

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  • A smart way to build an Auto-soldering system
  • 300 watts of ultra-high power for a wide range of automation
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300 W power for better soldering quality and productivity

A Smart Way to build an Automatic Soldering System

HAKKO FU-500 / FU-601 can be combined with various robots and other actuators to build an automatic soldering process at low cost.
* LCIA: Abbreviation for Low Cost Intelligent Automation
* Sales of only soldering unit, robot itself is not included in the product.

HAKKO FU-500 Solder feed unit

Accurate solder feeding

HAKKO FU-500 features a compact drive unit that allows the solder feed unit to be brought closer to the iron. This adaptation makes it possible to increase the repeat accuracy of amount of solder feeding.


Equipped with countermeasures against solder ball splash as standard

As countermeasure against flux and solder ball splash, the unit is equipped with a mechanism that perforates into the solder wire as standard. It is also possible to change acceptable solder wire diameter by simply replacing the pulley unit.


Supports solder diameters of 0.3 mm and up

As the unit is capable of handling extremely small solder diameter of 0.3 mm, it can be used for delicate soldering jobs.

Supported solder diameter 0.3 mm to 1.6 mm.

High-performance programming

100 programs each configurable for "Point soldering" and "Drag soldering" at low price.
Programs can be edited by PC via a USB connection.

Easy adjustment of solder feeding position

Adjustment of the position of solder feeding to the tip is critical for auto soldering systems. HAKKO FU-500 lets you adjust the solder feeding position just by turning an adjustment screw with a wrench.


Solder feed error detection

With an optical sensor for solder movement, HAKKO FU-500 can detect solder clogging, slipping and the end of the roll.


HAKKO FU-601 Soldering iron unit

Easy tip replacement

The position of the tip end can be easily adjusted using the tip adjustment jig unit included with FU-601. Work can be started just by removing the iron from the main unit by removing two screws, positioning the tip using the tip adjustment jig unit, and returning the iron to the main unit.
Using another iron (FU-6001 or FU-6002) makes it possible to install a new tip in advance, minimizing equipment downtime.
* Two types of tip adjustment jig units are available: one for TX1 series and another for TX2 series.


High performance composite tip

HAKKO FU-601 can provide excellent thermal recovery characteristic with a high performance composite tip, a tip integrated with a heating element and sensor.

40 types of TX2 series soldering tip are lined up

40 types of TX2 series soldering tip are lined up for a wide range of soldering conditions.
The use of appropriate tip can not only improve quality and efficiency of soldering but also reduce running costs.

Click here for more information about TX2 series soldering tips.

Six presets tip-temperature function

Tip temperature can be preset in six settings. Preset temperatures can be called from soldering conditions in the solder feed unit.

Available 2 soldering irons

Select the one to meet your requirement.
FU-6001 is straight, and FU-6002 is L-Shaped Iron.

HAKKO FU-6001   HAKKO FU-6002
HAKKO FU-6001   HAKKO FU-6002


N2adapter assembl N2 adapter assembly
Part No.BX1023 for TX1 Series  BX1029 for TX2 Series

Simply attach the optional N2 adapter to the iron and install a nozzle assembly that matches the tip to perform N2 soldering.

Slide unit Part No.CX1000 Slide unit Part No.CX1000
The slide unit allows the soldering unit vertical movement.
As the solenoid valve comes pre-wired, the unit can be used by simply connecting to FU-500 via special connector and supplying compressed air externally.

Slide unit (for drag soldering) Part No.CX1001 Slide unit (for drag soldering) Part No.CX1001
If height varies during drag soldering due to the angle or other conditions of the sample, height variations can be absorbed by attaching this slide unit to the soldering unit.

Tip cleaner Part No.CX1003 Tip cleaner Part No.CX1003
The tip cleaner's rotating brush can remove not only excess solder but also flux carbides, which are difficult to remove from tips by compressed air.
It is possible to turn the brush on and off via an external signal.

Temperature probe Part No.CX1002 Temperature probe Part No.CX1002
The tip thermometer unit can be placed under the tip to measure the tip temperature of an automatic soldering unit. (Supported thermometers)