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Soldering Iron/Ceramic Heater Type


  • Maximum temperature 540°C
  • Equipped with a newly designed tip which has a high thermal capacity
  • Suitable to solder chassis,large connector,transformer,etc. which require a large amount of heat

Available in:

  • Japan
  • North America
  • Europe
  • Oceania
  • Asia
  • Other Countries

Optimal for soldering work where a high amount of heat is required.

Suitable to solder chassis,large connector,transformer.

Superior heat conductivity

T19 series soldering tips feature an redesigned appearance and internal structure that deliver improved heat conductivity.
Use these soldering tips to achieve great heat recovery without increasing power consumption.

Heat recovery graph / FX-601 vs 455

Test criteria

Measurement method A thermocouple is mounted on the tip and the tip temperature is measured when soldering Φ1.6mm×5mm solder to paper phenol copper board once every 3 seconds.
Board Paper phenol copper
Tip shape Shape-5D
Solder Lead free solder ( Sn / Ag / Cu ), 1.6 mm dia.

* FX-601 is set at the same temperature of 455 by measuring the actual temperature.


Compact and light weight

FX-601 has excellent heat recovery but is compact, light weight and well-balanced.
Comparing with the conventional heavy duty iron, FX-601 is easy and simple to handle.

FX-601 & 456 + PWB
FX-601 and HAKKO 456

LED informs you when the set temperature has been reached.

LCD display shows you the set temperature

Turn CAL to have more accurate temperature

Adjust the temperature easily with the control knob

Features a temperature controller built into the grip.
Easily adjust the temperature with a simple turn of the knob.

temperature controller temperature controller

  • Accurate temperature control performed even outside the scale.

Detach the control knob and lock the temperature setting

Temperature setting can be locked by removing the central screw and detaching the control knob.
After detaching the control knob, you can change the temperature setting using the dedicated lock key.

  •  Designed so that the temperature setting can not be easily changed without using the dedicated lock key.
  • 633-01
    How to remove the control knob
  • 605M
  • 605M
    Adjustment using the lock key
  •  To avoid any damage to the head of the small screw on the knob, use a #00 Phillips-head screwdriver to remove or tighten it.

Change parts to convert your FX-601 into an FX-600 that's optimal for soldering electronic parts!

Reduce costs by converting to either model using interchangeable parts (enclosure pipe with nut/soldering tip).


Introducing the Cap Kit (as an option) to protect a soldering iron tip from shock on the move!

The Cap protects a soldering iron tip from shock on the move. Also, it prevents the tip from being damaged in a toolbox.

  • The cap is made of heat-resistant plastic. However, please ensure that the tip is cool enough before putting it on.

Feature page of the product

Cap kit Part No. B5286

\ Check out the video /
Easy to install on the soldering iron!

Click the image to play the video.