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Thermometer / Soldering Tester/Thermometer / Soldering Tester


  • Automatic measurement to standardize the process
  • Automatic temperature measurement
  • Measurement counter can be useful for control of changing sensor.
  • Long life sensor AS5000 (with certificate of conformance) is equipped as standard.

Available in:

  • Japan
  • North America
  • Europe
  • Oceania
  • Asia
  • Other Countries

Automatic measurement to standardize the process
Minimize individual differences in how to complete measurement and read result.

Automatic temperature measurement:AUTO HOLD Function

The measurement will end automatically when tip temperature is stabilized.
The measurement process will be the same no matter who does it.

Constant display of measured max. temperature:MAX HOLD Function

Max measured tip temperature will be displayed.
This function can be useful for quality control of components and P.W.B.

Temperature Sending Function

By infrared communication, FG-100B can send temperature measurement results by AUTO HOLD function or MAX HOLD function to a soldering station (FN-1010, FX-805, FX-971, FX-972) and a soldering pot (FX-305) with an IR receiver.

  • Image photo below
    AUTO HOLD function and MAX HOLD function cannot be used at the same time.


Long life sensor AS5000(with certificate of conformance) is equipped as standard

  • Possible to measure tip temperature faster with high accuracy
  • Approximately 30 times longer than the conventional sensor  *Based on our in-house test
Feature 1:Long Life
  • Stable Measurement Accuracy
    While temperature measurement with the conventional sensor tends to degrade after 50 times of measurements, the same level of degradation does not happen until 1,500 times of measurements in case of AS5000.
Feature 2:Stable Measurement Accuracy
  • Fast installation
    The frame attached to AS5000 makes the sensor installation and removal very easy and fast. Considering the number of measurements, 1 piece of AS5000 (1,500 times/piece) is equivalent to 30 pieces of the conventional sensor (1,500 = 50 times/piece × 30).

 [ Conventional Sensor
 Approx. 9 sec.

 [ New Sensor (AS5000)] Approx. 3 sec.

Temperature Measurement Count Function

Number of tip temperature measurement will be automatically counted.
This function can be useful for control of changing sensor.

Auto Shutoff Function

It will automatically turn the power off if a measured temperature does not exceed 100℃ for 3 minutes.
It saves battery power and time for changing the battery.

Accessible from any direction

  • Allows you to measure from any desired direction according to tip shape

Dimensional Measurement

  • Design image only

Several ways of measurement can be possible with temperature probes. (Option)