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HAKKO FG-100Bイメージ

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  • Japan
  • North America
  • EU
  • Oceania
  • Asia
  • Other Countries
  • Automatic measurement to standardize the process
  • Automatic temperature measurement
  • Measurement counter can be useful for control of changing sensor.
  • Long life sensor AS5000 (with certificate of conformance) is equipped as standard.
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長寿命センサー AS5000

Automatic measurement to standardize the process
Minimize individual differences in how to complete measurement and read result.

Automatic temperature measurement:AUTO HOLD Function

The measurement will end automatically when tip temperature is stabilized.
The measurement process will be the same no matter who does it.

Constant display of measured max. temperature:MAX HOLD Function

Max measured tip temperature will be displayed.
This function can be useful for quality control of components and P.W.B.

Temperature Sending Function

Measurement result by AUTO HOLD function or MAX HOLD function can be sent to a soldering station (FN-1010) through infrared.
This function can eliminate manual process of recording results, the time for the process, and human error.

* Image photo below
AUTO HOLD function and MAX HOLD function cannot be used at the same time.


Temperature Measurement Count Function

Number of tip temperature measurement will be automatically counted.
This function can be useful for control of changing sensor.

Auto Shutoff Function

The power will automatically be shut off after 3 minutes of no use.
It can save battery power and time for changing battery.

Fine sensor can deliver accurate measurements.

Suitable for Lead-Free Solder

・Disposable sensor always maintains accurate temperature measurment
(Replace sensor when the measuring point underwent degradation)

Accessible from any direction

・Allows you to measure from any desired direction according to tip shape

Dimensional Measurement
* Design image only

Several ways of measurement can be possible with temperature probes. (Option)


For soldering pot


Initial display (room temperature) appearing when the power is turned ON

It is not necessary to deduct the room temperature that was displayed when the power was turned ON from the measured temprature. The temperature appearing on the LED display is the actual measured value.

Guaranteed temperature range with the measurement tolerance of ±3°C

In general, the optimal temperature range for soldering is 300°C to 500°C, and that for SMD rework system is 300°C to 600°C. The tolerance of ±3°C within the optimal temperature range (300°C to 600°C) is assured. For the temperature range other than the above, the tolerance is not guaranteed but usually stays in the range of about ±5°C.