Static Control/Footwear Tester


HAKKO FG-465イメージ

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  • Saves measurement data automatically
  • Meets the requirement of JIS T 8103 : 2010
  • Personal informaiton can be registered in ID
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The advanced footwear tester that saves measurement data automatically

Meets the requirement of JIS T 8103 : 2010

Dual Foot Plate

JIS T 8103:2010 requires measurement on each foot.
FG-465 measures anti-static performance of footwear on both feet but individually, and shows the results for each foot.
The divider on the test plate prevents faulty measurement.

Meets the requirement of JIS T 8103 : 2010

Adjustable evaluation range

Evaluation range is adjustable according to required conditions.
The settings can be made by the DIP switches on the back side of the unit.
Adjustable evaluation range

User-friendly software

FG-465 can work with a PC and comes with the user-friendly software, which can be downloaded for free, to support measurement.
The software enables digital management of all the related measurement information including operator IDs.

User-friendly software

Measurement procedure

The software shows measurement procedure.

The software shows measurement procedure.

ID Management

IDs can be input by entering numeric values, reading barcode or IC card.
Personal information can be registered in ID and operator IDs can be recorded as a part of measurement information.

ID Management
ID Management

Saves measurement data automatically

Measurement data can be saved as a CSV file in a specified folder.
The data to be saved consists of measurement date, time, operator ID, and result of each foot to improve traceability.

Works as a combo tester

FG-465 can work as a combo tester with FG-470, a wrist strap tester, that makes it possible to conduct measurement, evaluation and recording of both footwear and wrist strap at once.
Connecting cable (B5264) or Unit integration base (B5263), sold separately, is required.

Works as a combo tester

Evaluation external output

Evaluation result of "PASS" or "FAIL" can be output through the external output terminal to interlock with other devices to display the result. Evaluation external output
Evaluation external output

Simple yet high visibility design

Separate displays of "Evaluation result", "Pass range indicator" and "Level indicator" make it possible to check necessary information at a glance.

Simple yet high visibility design


The unit can be installed on a desk and wall. Also it can be attached to an optional stand.

Installations C5032 B5263


Any impact on people with heart conditions, people using cardiac pacemakers or pregnant women?
A small amount of electric current will flow through the human body when using HAKKO FG-465.
Please do not use HAKKO FG-465 if having a heart condition or pacemaker.

Consult with a specialist if you are pregnant.