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Soldering Iron/Ceramic Heater Type



  • The LCD allows you to recognize the temperature at a glance.
  • Easy temperature setting by the wheel. (Adjustable temperature range 200 to 540 ℃ )
  • Easy-to-handling.
  • Wide selection of soldering tips from 44 types for your application.
  • Sleep Function

Available in:

  • Japan
  • North America
  • Europe
  • Oceania
  • Asia
  • Other Countries

The performance and features of the soldering station are packed in a small and easy-to-handle iron.

The LCD shows the temperature at a glance.

LCD to indicate the set temperature or tip temperature clearly.
When it comes to the set temperature, the LED blinks to notify a user of the optimal timing for use.

The LCD shows the temperature
Temperature increases when the lamp is on and decreases when it is off.

Simple temperature setting

Temperature setting is available in 1℃ increments easily by the wheel.

Temperature setting


The handle is designed to fit in hands.


Choose a soldering tip for your application

Wide selection of soldering tips from 44 types for your application.

  • Replacement of the enclosure pipe and nut is required to use the T19 series tip.

Click here for T18/T19 series tips

Sleep function to reduce oxidation effect for longer tip life

The sleep funtion will activate when the specifiied time passes (available for time setting 1 - 29 min.) after the iron is set on the iron holder.
The tip temperature will drop to set sleep temperature (200 - 300℃) during sleep function activated.
This function reduces tip oxidation and keeps the tip in good condition for a long time.

Sleep function
The iron holder is sold separately.

Provided with a cap that protects the soldering iron from impact while being carried around.

A safety cap that protects the soldering iron (and tip) while carrying it around is provided as a standard.
It is suitable when stored in toolboxes.

  • Put the safety cap on after the tip temperature has cooled down.
Safety cap