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You may solve troubles or problems you have by yourself. Here you can search for solutions to troubles or problems that you should check before sending the product for repair. In addition, you can check the maintenance method to be carried out regularly and the correct usage.

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The hot air does not blow even pressing START/STOP button. DESOLDERING/REWORK Troubleshooting
The display shows only "- - 2", and the soldering tip does not heat up. Why? SOLDERING IRON FX-838 Troubleshooting
Why does the thermometer show a lower temperature than the set temperature? THERMOMETER /SOLDERING TESTER Troubleshooting
Can't see anything on display! - Why? THERMOMETER /SOLDERING TESTER Troubleshooting
Why does the thermometer display a 'minus' value? THERMOMETER /SOLDERING TESTER Troubleshooting
What if the tip replacement becomes impossible? (In case of a soldering iron with a separate type tip and enclosure) SOLDERING IRON Troubleshooting
What if solder does not wet on the tip? SOLDERING IRON Troubleshooting
Solder does not wet on the surface of the new tip SOLDERING IRON Troubleshooting
A new soldering tip does not fit the heating element! SOLDERING IRON Troubleshooting
FV-310 When you see a sign of failure HEATING MACHINE /HEATING GUN FV-310 Troubleshooting
S-E (sensor error) is displayed. - Causes and Troubleshooting for the problems in use of of the FM-2027/FM-2028 SOLDERING IRON Troubleshooting