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A new soldering tip does not fit the heating element!

An insert pipe inside the soldering tip has seized on the heating element.

The flux entered inside the tip can cause seizing between the heating element and the insert pipe.
If such seizing occurs, the diameter of the heating element, to which the insert pipe seized, becomes too big for a new tip to fit.

  • Usually, the insert pipe barely comes off.

An example of the seized insert pipe

A new soldering tip does not fit the heating element if the insert pipe (metal) has seized.
Normally a white ceramic heater appears when removing a tip.


Use a proper tool to remove the insert pipe.

The tools required
  • Long-nose pliers etc.

The insert pipe that came off the tip is not reusable.

In case the seized insert pipe does not come off even with the tools

Replace the soldering tip and the heating element as well.

Such seizing is preventable by regularly loosening the nut and removing the enclosure as well as the tip.

Every part is quite hot just after unplugging the iron. Please make sure that the metal parts are cool enough before starting the maintenance.

  1. Loosen the nut.

  2. Attach and detach the enclosure pipe.

  3. Attach and detach the soldering tip.

1. Loosen the nut 2. Move the enclosure pipe up and down. 3. Move the soldering  tip up and down.