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Soldering Iron/Station Type


  • FX-9707 200 W heavy-duty soldering iron, and FX-9708 N2 type with the same performance
  • Both soldering irons work with an FX-972 station

Available in:

  • Japan
  • North America
  • Europe
  • Oceania
  • Asia
  • Other Countries

Heavy-duty soldering iron
Covers from fine, precise components to large-sized components

Heavy-duty soldering iron with a high power of 200 W

Ideal for soldering of high-heat dissipative workpieces like large-sized components such as shielded-case and coil or multi-layered P.W.B.

  1. Soldering station for FX-9707 and FX-9708 FX-972

Easy handling

The cable diameter is only 4.4 mm.
The cable is thinner than the previous one, enabling an operator to work smoothly without stress.


Short cycle time reduced by approx. 27%

In addition to the increased power to 200 W, the synergistic effect of the new heater construction and newly designed tip shapes help to reduce the cycle time by approx. 27% and improves work efficiency.

fx9707_Cycle time comparision
fx9707_Cycle time comparision

Flow-up effective soldering tip with V-groove

New 4 kinds of soldering tips with V-groove added, making 14 kinds of tips lineup in total.
It improves solder flow-up with a wider contact area to the lands or leaded parts.

Part No. T53-BCR1645

Safety design for tip replacement without a heat-resistant pad

The newly designed iron holder allows easy and safe tip replacement with a tip removing attachment and tip insertion holder.

Removing a tip

Removing a tip
Removing a tip with the right groove of the attachment

Inserting a tip

Inserting a tip
Inserting a tip by using the tip insertion holder

N2-type soldering iron brings significant improvement when soldering micro components

N2 soldering is available with a combination of the FX-9708 and nozzle assembly.
The hot N2 gas preheats the heat-sensitive components like a ceramic condenser and protects them from heat shock.
It also prevents tip oxidation by blocking oxygen with N2 gas.

N2 system reduces soldering defects!

Required equipment for N2 system

  1. Heavy-duty N2 soldering iron FX-9708
  2. Soldering station FX-972
  3. Soldering tip/Nozzle assembly Soldering tip T53 series/Nozzle assembly
  4. N2 generator FX-780/FX-781
  5. N2 flowmeterFX-791
  6. Required regulator, filters, compressor, etc., separately
N2 System Setting example