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N2 System

What is N2 System?

N2 System prevents soldering defects with two effects.

Do you have any of soldering defects like the following?

  • Solder bridging
  • Solder projection/Icicle
  • Insufficient solder vertical fill of PTH
  • Soldering defects caused by insufficient heat
  • Damaged components (capacitor, LED etc...) by rapid heating

Two effects of N2 System

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Mechanism of N2 soldering iron

Nitrogen gas is heated inside soldering iron and is discharged from the tip end of soldering iron. It preheats P.W.B. and reduces soldering defects.

The following page shows the illustration of N2 System structure and explains what temperature heated nitrogen gas will reach.

What is N2 gas?:We explain N2 (Nitrogen) gas which is familiar to us. What is N2 gas?

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Required equipment for N2 System

Select N2 soldering iron that is compatible with your Hakko station.

The necessary equipment to set up N2 System are explained and N2 System related products are presented.

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