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HAKKO FX-952イメージ

Available in:

  • Japan
  • EU
  • Oceania
  • Asia
  • Other Countries
  • Soldering station with two irons (Two-iron type of HAKKO FX-951)
  • Two different soldering iron tips selected according to component sizes can be simultaneously used.
  • Temperature on each station can be centrally controlled with one station
  • Selectable soldering iron for N2 system as usage at your option
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Uses lock-type Sleeve Assembly soldering iron.<
はんだごてHAKKO FM-2028 How to remove and insert the tip.

· Lock-type sleeve assembly attaches securely.
· Click sound ensures you easy and secure tip insertions.
· Four-color lineup of the sleeves
· Handy when using two different tips at the same time

Four Features of the Soldering Iron HAKKO FM-2028
· Interlock mechanism with the iron holder makes setting of the power-save setting easy.
· Power-save function allows minute-by-minute setting. (up to 30 minutes)
· (0-29mins. --- Sleep mode, 30 mins.--- Auto-power, Shutoff)
· Possible to set power-save function on two different irons.
* New FX-952 has the same updated features as the new FX-951.
Steady Performance Ensures Excellent Thermal Recovery.
・Never changing heater performance ensures excellent thermal recovery.(ref. Graph)

The excellent thermal recovery allows the soldering with lower preset temperature. It is also useful for Lead-free soldering which requires higher melting temperature

Thermal Recovery Graph (The comparison of HAKKO products)
Thermal Recovery Graph
*Click here to enlarge


The composite tip is a soldering tip integrated with heating element and sensor. Despite its highly compact design, the tip offers superior thermal responsivity and greatly improved thermal recovery.

85 Variations of Tips
T12シリーズのこて先は、従来のこて先形状に加えて、SMDタイプ(クワッド、トンネル、スパチュラ)、特殊加工タイプ、及び高熱容量タイプを追加 85 variations of HAKKO Tips accommodate various types of soldering from IC modifications to soldering to power sections.
Tips for HAKKO FX-951 depend on the market.
T12 Series for Japan, Oceania, Asia & Other countries

T15 Series for North America & EU

・Commitment to iron holders
HAKKO FH-201 Iron Holder : Adjustable iron holders designed to be user-friendly Perfect for working when seated or standing

· Freely adjust iron holder angle.
· Two-stage height adjustment.
· Adjust height of left and right holders individually.

[Note] Be sure to tighten both screws firmly.
(Failure to tighten the screws firmly may cause the sleep function to not work correctly)

A variety of height and angle settings are possible.
HAKKO FH-201 Iron Holder: Adjusting examples

・Thermal Management
HAKKO FX-952 Thermal management · Possible to lock the temperature with the control card.
· Digital offset makes temperature correction easy.
· Capable of lower limit temperature setting.

Combination of optional handpiece allows use of N2 system.  


Name Figure Remarks
HAKKO FX952 With Iron holder, Control card, Heat resistant pad and Power cord

(Not necessary to purchase this unit if you have it.)
2 HAKKO FM-2026
Tip and nozzle assemblies are optional parts.
N2 Soldering Iron
3 Soldering Tip & Nozzle Assembly Select the soldering tip appropriate for work.
4 N2 Generator FX-780
Small-capacity type
Large-capacity type, accepts 2 irons
With Racks for Station Air tube Outer diameter: 6mm It can be placed perpendicularly or horizontally.
With Racks for Station Air tube Outer diameter: 6mm It can be placed perpendicularly or horizontally.
5 FX-791  
N2 Flow Meter
6 The others Air tube Outer diameter: 6mm
Air tube Outer diameter: 6mm
* The others are not provided by HAKKO

Used in combination with a smoke absorber
Can be used in combination with the HAKKO 490 (Discontinued) smoke cleaner or the HAKKO 494 smoke absorbing system for line-production.
卓上はんだクリーナーとの組合せ HAKKO 490
ライン用吸煙システムとの組合せ HAKKO 494



The soldering tip does not get hot. Why?

Case1 "S-E" appears on the display.

"S-E" appears on the LCD.

Case2 "C-E" appears on the display.

"C-E" appears on the LCD.

Case3 Only the soldering iron number appears on the display.

Only the soldering iron number appears on the LCD.

Check the display after switching to the soldering iron number for the soldering iron that does not get hot. Only the soldering iron number appears as shown in the pictures above.

Case4 Nothing appears on the display.

Nothing appears on the LCD.

Case5 "---" appears on the display.

"---" appears on the LCD.