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Soldering Iron/Station Type


  • Soldering iron in lock-type sleeve assembly

Available in:

  • Japan
  • North America
  • Europe
  • Oceania
  • Asia
  • Other Countries

Applicable models

Connectable station

Differences between FM-2027 and FM-2028.

Understand the differences in appearance and functions.

FM-2027 and FM-2028 could meet customers' demands for work in various soldering environments, further improving user-friendliness. They have the following four features:

How to remove and insert the tip.

  1. The sleeve assembly has employed the lock type.
    The lock-type sleeve assembly can be attached securely to the connector cover.
    To remove the sleeve assembly, draw it out while holding down the lock part.
    Lock-type sleeve assembly attachment

    To remove the sleeve assembly, draw it out in the arrow direction
    while holding down both the lock parts.
    Removing the sleeve assembly
  2. When you insert the tip into the sleeve assembly, you will hear it click!
    If you don't hear it click, the tip is not inserted securely.
    Removing the tip from the sleeve assembly
  3. A green sleeve assembly has been added.
    The sleeve assembly variation has now increased to four colors:
    yellow, orange, blue, and green.
    Sleeve assemby is available in four colors
    Why are the four colors prepared?
    Tip shapes are identified by color, saving the time needed to check the shapes before work. Identifying the tip shapes by color prevents you from using the wrong tip carelessly. This identification method is especially useful when the shapes are the same but differ in size.
    Tips for tip slection
    Example of different colored sleeve assemblies used to distinguish soldering irons