Smoke Absorber/Line Production System


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  • Soldering smoke absorber for production-line use that enables to exhaust fumes outdoors
  • Equipped with a suppressor to reduce exhaust noise during the operation
  • Up to 10 soldering irons can be connected with one unit
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Absorption Pipe Set R
Compatible soldering irons
Any with a handle diameter of 16mm or smaller

Compact lightweight design.
Convenient operation - easy to install flexible ducts permit quick and simple system adaption to longer or relocated production lines.
Highly efficient operation - fumes and flux are absorbed at their source and trapped by a double filter system.
One HAKKO 494 system handles a maximum of 10 soldering irons.
* Can also be connected to a soldering iron with built-in smoke absorption pipe (HAKKO 913 & 914).

Branch piping using parallel piping joint
Piping example for HAKKO 494

Absorption Pipe Set R(No. C1540)/Absorption Pipe (No.B1953), Metal Fitting For Absorption Pipe R (No. B3246), Silicone Hose (No. B2184), Hose Coupling Band (No. B1290) / 
	  Compatible soldering irons:Any with a handle diameter of 16 mm or smaller. Product numbers examples: FM-2021, FM-2025, FM-2027, FM-2028, 907, 908 and more
Compatible soldering irons:
Any with a handle diameter of 16 mm or smaller.
Product numbers examples :HAKKO FM-2021, FM-2025, FM-2027, FM-2028, FM-2030, FX-1001, FX-8002, FX-8801, FX-8805, FX-8301, 907, 908, 900M, 900L, 933, 934, DASH (N452, N453, N454 and FX-650 series), and more.


HAKKO 494 Examples of Installation Examples of Installation