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Long Life Sensor AS5000 Available Now

Feature 1:Long Life
AS5000 is made to last long, approximately 30 times longer than the conventional sensor.
Feature 1:Long Life
Feature 2:Stable Measurement Accuracy
While temperature measurement with the conventional sensor tends to degrade after 50 times of measurements, the same level of degradation does not happen until 1,500 times of measurements in case of AS5000.
Feature 2:Stable Measurement Accuracy
Feature 3:Fast Installation
The frame attached to AS5000 makes the sensor installation and removal very easy and fast. Considering the number of measurements, 1 piece of AS5000 (1,500 times/piece) is equivalent to 30 pieces of the conventional sensor (1,500 = 50 times/piece x 30).
[ Conventional Sensor(191-212)]Approx. 9 sec. [ New Sensor (AS5000)]Approx. 3 sec.
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