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Videos of HU-200 Auto-Soldering System

Videos for : "Heating Machine / Heating Gun"

  • HAKKO | Troubleshooting Guide for FV-310

    Troubleshooting Guide for FV-310
    Procedure of measuring the resistance value of the heating element.

  • HAKKO FV-310 | bending an acrylic rod

    Blowing hot air (for approx. 30 sec.) at the point you want to bend will soften the plastic and make it easy to bend.

  • HAKKO FV-310 | easy heating element replacement

    It requires only a screwdriver to replace heating element.

  • HAKKO FV-310 | heat shrink tubing

    The hook curve circulates the hot air, so the entire tube can be shrunk quickly.

  • HAKKO FV-310 | replacement of adhesive decorative film

    How to get wrinkles out of film

  • HAKKO FV-310 | shrink treatment

    Tips for skillful shrinking