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HAKKO 885イメージ

Available in:

  • Japan
  • Heating machine that allows continuous shrink wrapping using shrink film
  • Both oven temperature and conveyor speed can be adjusted
  • Can be used with 100-volt power supply from home outlet
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For shrink film
Operable with 100-volt power supply
Both oven temperature and conveyor speed can be adjusted
Mesh belt conveyor can carry even micro components
Properties of mesh belt
Material Teflon-coated glass cloth
(No electrical conductivity)
Mesh size Approx. 5 mm pitch
Mesh size

NOTE: Do not put flammable materials or anything which may catch fire into the oven.

The hot air oven best suited for aging of P.W.B. and components and for pre-heating for soldering work is:

After wrapping an object with shrink film tightly and making a hole to release the air, put it on the conveyor of the heating machine.
Adjust the temperature and speed according to the type of shrink film (PET, olefin, vinyl chloride, etc.).