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N2 System

What is N2 gas?

What is N2 gas?

  • About 78% of the air we usually breathe is nitrogen.
  • It is a colorless, tasteless and odorless stable gas.
  • It is contained in many biological substances and is necessary for all living things.
  • The element symbol for nitrogen is N.
  • "Nitrogen" includes nitrogen molecules (N2) that are simple substances and compounds (nitric oxide (NO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), ammonia (NH3), etc.). Generally speaking, "nitrogen" refers to the nitrogen molecule. Nitrogen molecules are also called nitrogen gas.

How is nitrogen gas used?

Target Adverse effects of oxygen gas (active gas) Effect of nitrogen gas (inert gas)
Soldering Solder does not spread well when solder or some components on the surface of the workpiece is bound with oxygen (oxidation) at high temperature. If N2 gas is used for the same job, solder spreads well.
The advantage of N2 System is explained in detail with illustrations.
Preservation of food products Aroma, taste, and freshness are lost. If you use only nitrogen gas in the bag, you can maintain the freshness without changing the scent and taste.
Resin processing When compressed at high temperatures, it oxidizes, causing burns, black spots, and discoloration. Burning, black spots, and discoloration can be suppressed by using only nitrogen gas in the mold.
Laser processing The cut surface is easily oxidized. Spraying nitrogen gas prevents oxidation of the cross section.
Air in tire Oxygen in the air inside the tire is easily released. If you put only nitrogen in the tire instead of air, it will be less permeable to oxygen than oxygen, so you can prevent air from escaping from the tire.

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