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Auto-Soldering System/Auto-Soldering Robot System


  • Easy-to-operate 4-axis + 1 (feeder) control auto-soldering robot system
  • Time-reduced programming work and excellent operability
  • Useful functions to stabilize the soldering quality
  • Soldering work and efficiency improvement

Available in:

  • Japan
  • North America
  • Europe
  • Oceania
  • Asia
  • Other Countries


  Part No. Name Specifications
images:CX5019 Iron unit fixing assembly CX5019 Iron unit fixing assembly
images:CX5033 Iron unit base assembly CX5033 Iron unit base assembly
images:BX1023 N2 adapter assembly BX1023 N2 adapter assembly
For TX1 series soldering tip
images:BX1024 Nozzle assembly A BX1024 Nozzle assembly A
For TX1 series soldering tip
images:BX1025 Nozzle assembly B BX1025 Nozzle assembly B
For TX1 series soldering tip
images:BX1026 Nozzle assembly C BX1026 Nozzle assembly C
For TX1 series soldering tip
images:BX1029 N2 adapter assembly BX1029 N2 adapter assembly
For TX2 series soldering tip
images:BX1030 Nozzle assembly D BX1030 Nozzle assembly D
For TX2 series soldering tip
images:BX1031 Nozzle assembly E BX1031 Nozzle assembly E
For TX2 series soldering tip
images:BX1065 Nozzle assembly F BX1065 Nozzle assembly F
For TX2 series soldering tip
images:BX1032 Iron cable BX1032 Iron cable 3 m
For HU-200, FU-601 and FU-600
images:BX1033 Iron cable BX1033 Iron cable 5 m
For HU-200 and FU-601
images:BX1034 Iron cable BX1034 Iron cable 8 m
For Hu-200 and FU-601
images:CX5005 Feeder unit CX5005 Feeder unit For 0.3 to 1.6 mm dia.
images:BX1045 Feeder cable BX1045 Feeder cable 4 m
images:BX1056 Connecting cable BX1056 Connecting cable
images:BX1062 USB cable BX1062 USB cable
images:BX1064 Urethane tube BX1064 Urethane tube 3 m
images:BX1068 Urethane tube BX1068 Urethane tube 5 m
images:BX1069 Urethane tube BX1069 Urethane tube 8 m
images:BX1066 Cleaner positioning board BX1066 Cleaner positioning board With screws
images:AX1005 Cleaning brush AX1005 Cleaning brush Qty: 2, Silicone brush
For CX1003
images:CX1002 Temperature probe CX1002 Temperature probe
images:CX5034 Grease gun CX5034 Grease gun
images:CX5035 Extension nozzle CX5035 Extension nozzle For grease gun (Y-axis)
For HU-200
images:AX1002 Grease for Z axis AX1002 Grease for Z axis 70 g
images:AX1003 Grease for Y axis AX1003 Grease for Y axis 70 g
images:BX1059 Fume extraction nozzle BX1059 Fume extraction nozzle
images:B3625 Net B3625 Net Qty: 5
images:B3621 Adapter B3621 Adapter For 3 inch
images:B2416 Duct band B2416 Duct band Qty: 2
images:B2410 Duct B2410 Duct 75 mm dia. × 2 m
images:CX5039 Camera Unit & Trace Application CX5039 Camera Unit & Trace Application
For HU-200
images:AX1006 Glass Coverslip Set AX1006 Glass Coverslip Set Qty: 5
For HU-200
images:BX1114 Camera BX1114 Camera
For HU-200
images:BX1115 Lens / 25 mm BX1115 Lens / 25 mm
For HU-200
images:BX1116 Lens Lock Nut BX1116 Lens Lock Nut
For HU-200
images:BX1117 Camera Ring Assembly BX1117 Camera Ring Assembly
For HU-200
images:BX1118 Glass Coverslip Holder BX1118 Glass Coverslip Holder For 25 mm
For HU-200
images:BX1119 USB Cable BX1119 USB Cable
For Camera Unit
images:BX1120 Lens / 12 mm BX1120 Lens / 12 mm
For HU-200
images:BX1121 Glass Coverslip Holder BX1121 Glass Coverslip Holder For 12 mm
For HU-200
images:BX1122 Lens Holder Assembly BX1122 Lens Holder Assembly For 12 mm Lens
For HU-200
images:BX1123 Camera Fixing Support BX1123 Camera Fixing Support Extension Kit
For HU-200