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Soldering Iron/Station Type


  • Micro soldering iron FX-9703 and Micro N2 soldering iron FX-9704
  • Compatible with FX-971, FX-972

Available in:

  • Japan
  • North America
  • Europe
  • Oceania
  • Asia
  • Other Countries

Get ready to use in 3 seconds after powering on
Temperature-controlling very slim soldering iron with the best-in-class power 70 W

Best-suited for micro soldering under a microscope

Very slim, super-light, and unsurpassed handling ability with a short length of 27 mm from the tip head to the handle and narrow cable of 3.6 mm outer diameter.
Holding it just like a pen, you can approach fine components precisely and quickly.

fx-9703 dimensions
Weight: 15 g
(with T50-D1 tip)
Part No. T50-J01

A variety of soldering tips helps you to tackle more precise and delicate work

Selectable 8 kinds of tips, including new shapes of 0.2D and 0.4D.
Suitable even for miniaturizing components and narrow pitches.

  • T50-D02
    Shape 0.2D (Part No. T50-D02)
  • T50-D04
    Shape 0.4D (Part No. T50-D04)

Soldering tip (T50 series)

A conversion kit includes a cleaning brush

The cleaning brush has an excellent cleaning ability to remove oxide film.

  • FX-9703 conversion kit
    Part No. FX9703-811
  • FX-9704 conversion kit
    Part No. FX9704-811

N2 soldering iron (FX-9704) increases solderability to a fine component

An FX-9704 plus a nozzle assembly makes an N2 iron.
Preheating with heated N2 gas prevents damage by rapid heating to the component, like a ceramic capacitor.
As the N2 gas blocks oxygen, it prevents a tip from oxidation.

N2 system reduces soldering defects!

Required equipment for N2 system

  1. Micro N2 soldering iron FX-9704
  2. Soldering station FX-971/FX-972
  3. Soldering tip/Nozzle assembly Soldering tip T50 series/Nozzle assembly
  4. N2 generator FX-780/FX-781
  5. N2 flowmeterFX-791
  6. Required regulator, filters, compressor etc.. separately
N2 System Setting example