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Soldering Iron/Station Type



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Heated N2 gas contributes to increasing solderability

FX-9702 N2 soldering iron

The FX-9702, N2 type of FX-9701, consists of the parts shown below.
A station (to control temperature) is required separately.


The compatible tips are T39 series tips

T39 series soldering tips are common to use with the FX-9701 and the FX-9702.
There is no need to keep and use a different tip by a same shape.

Heated N2 gas produces three effects

1. Improving solderability

Soldering with N2 gas is effective for lead-free solder, which has poor wettability and spreadability. So, it reduces solder bridging from the components that get the bridge easily.

2. Preventing oxidation

Discharging heated N2 gas evenly from the top of the soldering tip and nozzle assembly, it prevents the components or the soldering tips from oxidation.

3. Preheating effect

Heated N2 gas assists soldering tip to heat workpiece effectively. Thus, it allows soldering at a lower temperature without reducing work efficiency.

N2 system reduces soldering defects!

Required equipment for N2 system

  1. N2 soldering iron FX-9702
  2. Soldering station FX-971/FX-972
  3. Soldering tip/Nozzle assembly Soldering tip T39 series/Nozzle assembly
  4. N2 generator FX-780/FX-781
  5. N2 flowmeterFX-791
  6. Required regulator, filters, compressor etc.. separately
N2 System Setting example
  • For one soldering iron

    For one soldering iron.
  • For two soldering irons

    For two soldering irons