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Soldering Iron/IoT Capable Type


  • N2 soldering iron designed exclusively for FN-1010

Available in:

  • Japan
  • North America
  • Europe
  • Oceania
  • Asia
  • Other Countries

N2 soldering iron for T36 series soldering tip
Improving solderability by the effect of heated N2 gas

N2 soldering iron FN-1102

FN-1102, N2 soldering iron for the IoT capable soldering station, consists of the parts shown below.
It needs to be connected to temperature control station sold separately.

Optional tip T36 series for FN-1102

When purchasing this unit, please buy your desired soldering tip and with nozzle assembly together.

T36 series soldering tip

Effects of N2 system

(1) Improving solderability Heated N2 gas improves solderability, and prevents components from getting bridges when working even with lead-free solder or high melting point solder.
(2) Preventing oxidation Heated N2 gas reduces the oxidization of tips (iron plating). As a result, the wettability of tips is improved.
(3) Preheating effect N2 gas assists soldering iron to heat the objects effectively. It contributes to work at lower setting temperature without compromising work efficiency.

Required equipment for N2 system

  1. N2 soldering iron FN-1102
  2. Comaptible soldering station for FN-1102
  3. T36 series soldering tip and nozzle assemblies for FN-1102
  4. N2 generator FX-780/FX-781
  5. N2 flowmeter FX-791

* Required Regulator, Filters, Compressor etc. separately

Compatible soldering station for FN-1102
T36 series soldering tip and nozzle assemblies
Other required equipments

Compatible soldering station

  Compatible soldering station
Model No. IoT capable type


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