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Soldering Iron/Station Type


  • Analog type of FX-951
  • Lock key enables temperature control even on this analog type unit
  • Selectable soldering iron for N2 system as usage at your option

Available in:

  • Japan
  • North America
  • Europe
  • Oceania
  • Asia
  • Other Countries

Compact High-Power Analog-Type Lead-Free Soldering Iron
(Compatible with T12/T15 series soldering tips)

Excellent Thermal Recovery

The excellent thermal recovery allows setting lower preset temperatures.
It is also useful for lead-free soldering which requires higher melting temperatures.

Thermal Recovery Graph (Comparison of HAKKO products)

Thermal Recovery Graph
*Click here to enlarge

・Composite tip

The composite tip is a soldering tip integrated with heating element and sensor. Despite its highly compact design, the tip offers superior thermal responsivity and greatly improved thermal recovery.

Composite tip

Uses lock-type Sleeve Assembly soldering iron.

How to remove and insert the tip

-Click sound ensures easy and secure tip insertions.
-Four-color lineup of sleeves allows you to distinguish the various tips easily.

85 Variations of Tips

85 variations of HAKKO tips are available for various types of soldering from IC modifications to soldering of power sections.

T12 Series for Japan, Oceania, Asia & Other countries

T15 Series for Europe

Temperature control function using a lock key

-The lock key can lock the present temperature.
-Offset function makes temperature correction easy.

Compact Design

The compact design allows for easy installation on any workbench and saves space.
80 mm (W) × 118 mm (H) × 138 mm (D)
Smart design for optimized work.

Soldering iron holder can be set to any angle safely.

LED lamp to indicate errors

Optional functions

Equipped with sleep function*: If optional Iron Holder (FH200-01 or FH200-02) and Connection Cable (B3253) are connected, sleep function can be used.

Equipped with sleep function

* Sleep function:

When the handpiece is placed on the Iron Holder (FH200-01/FH200-02), the sleep function operates and decreases the unused tip temperature up to approximately 200°C , preventing the tip from being oxidized. In addition, this function can relieve the loads applied to the tip due to the high-temperature settings required for lead-free soldering.

Combination of optional handpiece allows use of N2 system.

N2 system

  Name Figure Remarks
1 FX-950 FX950 With Iron holder, Control card, Heat resistant pad and Power cord

(Not necessary to purchase this unit if you have it.)
2 FM-2026
Tip and nozzle assemblies are optional parts.
N2 Soldering Iron
3 Soldering Tip & Nozzle Assembly   Select the soldering tip appropriate for work.
4 N2 Generator
Small-capacity type
Large-capacity type, accepts 2 irons
Racks are equipped as standard to hold stations.
Air tube : 6 mm dia. (OD)
Placeable perpendicularly or horizontally.
With Racks for Station Air tube Outer diameter: 6mm It can be placed perpendicularly or horizontally.
5 FX-791  
N2 Flow Meter
6 Miscellaneous items Air tube Outer diameter: 6mm
Air tube Outer diameter: 6 mm
* Those items are not provided by HAKKO

Used in combination with a smoke absorber

Can be used in combination with the HAKKO 490 (Discontinued) smoke cleaner or theHAKKO 494 smoke absorbing system for line-production.