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T4 Series Soldering Tips

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HAKKO Recommendations for Selection of Tip Size

T4 Series
* Compatible with lead-free solder. For details, click here.

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Shape BCM/CM Shape BC/C Shape B Shape D Shape I Shape J Shape K SMD Type : Shape Quad SMD Type : Shape Tunnel SMD Type : Shape Spatula Shape A Shape H Shape R Shape SB Special Applications Type Shape Concave

Applicable Model

  • HAKKO 928 (Discontinued)
  • Handpiece : 953(50W) (Discontinued)
  • HAKKO 937 (Discontinued)
  • Handpiece : 953(50W) (Discontinued)
  • HAKKO 701 (Discontinued)
  • Handpiece : 953(50W) (Discontinued)
  • HAKKO 702B (Discontinued)
  • Handpiece : 953(50W) (Discontinued)
  • HAKKO 936 (Discontinued)
  • Handpiece : 953(50W) (Discontinued)

Shape BC/C

This type has a shape like a cone or column cut at a slant, which allows users to select the cut surface size depending on the workpiece.
It is used for drag soldering and pre-tinning of lead wires.
How to use the Shape BC/C and examplesDifference between BC/C and BCF/CF tip shape

  • T4-05C Shape-0.5C
    T4-05C Shape-0.5C
    B2672 Nozzle assembly C
  • T4-1C Shape-1C
    T4-1C Shape-1C
    B2672 Nozzle assembly C
  • T4-1CF Shape-1C
    T4-1CF Shape-1C
    Tinned cut surface only
    B2672 Nozzle assembly C
  • T4-2C Shape-2C
    T4-2C Shape-2C
    B2670 Nozzle assembly A
  • T4-2CF Shape-2C
    T4-2CF Shape-2C
    Tinned cut surface only
    B2670 Nozzle assembly A
  • T4-3C Shape-3C
    T4-3C Shape-3C
    B2671 Nozzle assembly B
  • T4-3CF Shape-3C
    T4-3CF Shape-3C
    Tinned cut surface only
    B2671 Nozzle assembly B

Shape B

All-round type which can be used from any direction and is easy to hold at any position.
Possible to solder any surface from small to large.
How to use the Shape B and examples

  • T4-B Shape-B
    T4-B Shape-B
    B2670 Nozzle assembly A

Shape D

This type has a shape like a flat-blade screwdriver and is capable of soldering by applying the tip in 2 ways: line and face.
The width (size of tip) suitable for the workpiece can be selected, and it can be used for any soldering work.
How to use the Shape D and examples

  • T4-08D Shape-0.8D
    T4-08D Shape-0.8D
    B2670 Nozzle assembly A
  • T4-12D Shape-1.2D
    T4-12D Shape-1.2D
    B2670 Nozzle assembly A
  • T4-16D Shape-1.6D
    T4-16D Shape-1.6D
    B2671 Nozzle assembly B
  • T4-24D Shape-2.4D
    T4-24D Shape-2.4D
    B2671 Nozzle assembly B

Shape I

This type has a thin conical end and is an ultrafine tip which is best suited for soldering at narrow pitches, etc.
It is the best for soldering micro components such as 0603, etc. and for repairing high-density-mounting P.W.Bs. such as in cellular phones, etc.
How to use the Shape I and examples

  • T4-I Shape-I
    T4-I Shape-I
    B2672 Nozzle assembly C

Shape K

This type has a shape like a knife and is capable of soldering by applying the tip in 3 ways: line, face and point. It is used for soldering at narrow pitches, correction of bridging and drag soldering.
How to use the Shape K and examples

  • T4-K Shape-K
    T4-K Shape-K
    B2673 Nozzle assembly D