Soldering iron/Station type


HAKKO FX-888Dむパージ

Available in:

  • Japan
  • North America
  • EU
  • Oceania
  • Asia
  • Other Countries
  • RoHS
  • Digital model in an analog-model price bracket
  • Features adjustment mode, preset mode, and password function
  • Separable tip/heater design provides excellent value for money
  • Selectable soldering iron for N2 system as usage at your option
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Replacement Parts

  Part No. Name Specifications
photo:FH800-03SV FH800-03SV Iron holder <w/ cleaning sponge, cleaning wire> silver
photo:FH800-03BY FH800-03BY Iron holder <w/ cleaning sponge, cleaning wire> blue & yellow
photo:FX8801-01 FX8801-01 Soldering iron FX-8801 65W (26V, with B tip)
photo:B1785 B1785 Nut
photo:B2022 B2022 Nipple
photo:B3469 B3469 Enclosure pipe
photo:A1559 A1559 Cleaning sponge
photo:A1561 A1561 Cleaning wire


  Part No. Name Specifications
photo:FX8802-01 FX8802-01 Soldering iron FX-8802 65W (26V, with B tip)
photo:FX8803-02 FX8803-02 Soldering iron FX-8803 65W (26V, with 3CF tip)
photo:FX8804-02 FX8804-02 Soldering iron FX-8804 65W (26V, with 2L tip)
photo:FX8805-01 FX8805-01 Soldering iron FX-8805 65W (26V, with B tip)
photo:B3474 B3474 Rubber cleaner
photo:C1437 C1437 Iron holder <w/ cleaning sponge> for 951, 952, 958, 959 and FX-8803
photo:FH800-04BY FH800-04BY Iron holder <w/ cleaning sponge> blue & yellow, for FX-8804