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HAKKO 250イメージ

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  • Japan
  • Styrene foam cutter for 100-volt power supply
  • With the turbo switch, even hard styrene foam can be easily cut
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For cutting of Styrene foam, Styrofoam and Kanelite Foam
Styrene foam and hard styrene foam (Styrofoam and Kanelite Foam) can be easily cut
*When cutting hard styrene foam, cut it slowly as it is a high-density hard foam.
With the turbo switch, even hard styrene foam can be easily cut (Normal: 170°C, Turbo: 250°C)
Cutting of curved lines, which is not possible with a paper cutter, can be easily performed
Even thick styrene foam can be continuously cut (thickness: 110 mm, depth: 170mm) with 100-volt power supply
Electricity cost for 8-hour operation is approximately 1.20 yen (HAKKO test)
The power indicator lamp informs the user of heat emission
With the auto-safety switch, the heater generates heat only while the power switch is being pressed

*Styrene foam, Styrofoam and Kanelite Foam are registered trade names. All are foamed polystyrene, which is a kind of resinoid.

Blister package (270mm x 210mm)

· Three-dimensional handicrafts, cutout characters and figures using styrene foam
· Decorations (cutout characters) for school festivals, athletic meetings and other events and presentations
· Decorations and POP production for retail shops (CD shop, bookstore, cosmetic/drug store, etc.)
· School educational materials and sculptures made of styrene foam
· Various hobbies such as making dioramas