Hobby/Shrink-Wrapping Kit



Available in:

  • Japan
  • Neat shrink wrapping can be easily obtained
  • A complete set includes a shrink film, sealer and heating gun
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Easy-to-use shrink-wrapping set

Have fun wrapping things yourself!

This product is recommended for shop displays, upgrading of product appearance, re-packaging, dust-proofing, etc.

Industrial dryer, HAKKO FV-310, is supplied with a carrying case.

HAKKO FV-310, the industrial dryer included in this product, is temperature/wind volume-adjustable, enabling fine settings according to work process which is useful for work other than shrink–wrapping.

Compact desktop-type sealer HAKKO FV-802, easy to handle as a household appliance

At shipment, this product is supplied with a heater for fusing shrink-wrapping film.
Replacement with the supplied fusing heater enables sealing of bags.

Applicable film size and thickness

Size Seal length: 200 mm
Thickness Total thickness of bag: 0.2 mm max.

Shrink film is folded into a half size. A convenient storage box is provided.

Specifications of shrink film

Size 200(W)mm×100(L)m×15(T)micron
Shrinkage ratio Long: 58 Wide: 60
Material Polyolefin film


1. Pull out the film in the required amount (a little longer than the size of the shrink-wrapping target).

Set the heating time adjusting knob of the sealer at "3" to "4" on the scale.
Put a DVD in the film, and lower the sealer handle to fuse the film. (The pilot lamp lights.)
With the handle kept down, wait for 1 to 2 seconds after the pilot lamp turns off to cut the film.
2. Seal an unsealed side. 2
3. Cut an edge of the sealed film (3 to 5 mm cut) with scissors, to make a hole to release air.

Make an air hole to release sealed air.

"Break" and "edge projection" can be prevented by learning some helpful tips.

4. Adjust the temperature and wind volume of the industrial dryer.

Set both the temperature and wind volume of the industrial dryer at "3" on the scale. Raise or lower the settings according to film shrinking status.

With fine settings according to the work process, the industrial dryer HAKKO FV-310 is useful for work other than shrink-wrapping.

Features of HAKKO FV-310

5. Apply hot air evenly from the four corners to the flat plane of the film to finish the shrink-wrapping.

When applying hot air, keep the dryer at a distance of at least 10 cm from the film.
If the dryer is held too close to the film, the film may break or tear.