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Soldering Iron/Station Type



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N2 Soldering Iron for FX-805 with 400 W Composite Heater, the Highest Wattage in HAKKO Composite Tips.

Ultra Power Soldering Station with 400 W Composite Heater

Ultra Power FX-805 that melts even a solder bar quickly
400 W composite heater, the highest wattage in HAKKO composite tips, achieves rapid heating.

N2 Soldering Iron

N2 gas heated inside soldering iron is discharged from the tip end and it reduces the oxidation of tips. It also improves solderability with its preheat effects.

N2 System Effect

Click here for the detail of effects of N2 system.

N2 System Effect

FX-805 Required equipment for N2 System

N2 System Setting example

In addition to soldering station and N2 soldering iron (tip/nozzle assembly), N2 generator and N2 flowmeter are required for set-up.