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Thermometer / Soldering Tester/Thermometer / Soldering Tester


  • Soldering iron tester for measurement of tip temperature, leak voltage, and tip to ground resistance
  • Human error-free operation
  • Long life sensor AS5000 (with certificate of conformance) is equipped as standard

Available in:

  • Japan
  • North America
  • Europe
  • Oceania
  • Asia
  • Other Countries

Soldering iron tester for measurement of tip temperature, leak voltage, and tip to ground resistance

For the daily maintenance of soldering station

Control of "tip temperature", "leak voltage", and "tip to ground resistance" is required for a grounded soldering station for electronic components.

Human error-free operation

  1. AUTO HOLD function
    The measurement will end automatically when the displayed tip temperature is stabilized. Individual differences in temperature measurement can be minimized.
  2. Data send function (infrared)
    By infrared communication, FG-101B can send a temperature measurement result to a soldering station (FN-1010, FX-805, FX-971, FX-972) and a soldering pot (FX-305) with an IR receiver.
  • Image photo below
    AUTO HOLD function and MAX HOLD function cannot be used at the same time.
Human error-free operation

Option Adapter module

By connecting FG-101B and IoT capable soldering station, such as FN-1010, with adapter module, data transfer can be easy and smooth.

The excecution example of "Auto Cal" when connected to FN-1010.

Long life sensor AS5000(with certificate of conformance) is equipped as standard

  • Possible to measure tip temperature faster with high accuracy
  • Approximately 30 times longer than the conventional sensor  *Based on our in-house test
Feature 1:Long Life
  • Stable Measurement Accuracy
    While temperature measurement with the conventional sensor tends to degrade after 50 times of measurements, the same level of degradation does not happen until 1,500 times of measurements in case of AS5000.
Feature 2:Stable Measurement Accuracy
  • Fast installation
    The frame attached to AS5000 makes the sensor installation and removal very easy and fast. Considering the number of measurements, 1 piece of AS5000 (1,500 times/piece) is equivalent to 30 pieces of the conventional sensor (1,500 = 50 times/piece × 30).

 [ Conventional Sensor
 Approx. 9 sec.

 [ New Sensor (AS5000)] Approx. 3 sec.

MAX HOLD Function (Temperature measurement)

Max measured tip temperature will be displayed.
This function can be useful for quality control of components and P.W.B.

Temperature Measurement Count Function

Number of tip temperature measurement will be automatically counted.
This function can be useful for control of changing sensor.

AUTO ZERO Function

The zero point error of measuring instruments can be corrected by simply pressing the AUTO ZERO button and waiting for the display to return to normal.

Temperature probe

Use of a temperature probe makes it possible to measure the temperature of molten solder in a solder pot and hot air.

FG-101B should be calibrated regularly as a Tester / Meter.
For details, please contact us or the distributors in your country.

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Usage / Applications

1. Connect FG-101B and FN-1010 with adapter module

2. Select “Auto Cal” from the menu on FN-1010 and excute it.

3. According to the instruction of the display on FN-1010, measure the temperature, leak voltage and tip to ground resistance in sequence.

The measurement mode of FG-101B is automatically changed for each mearuring item. When “Auto Cal” has been performed, if the measured temperature is within a previously set temperature range, it will be judged as passed and stored in the main body, and the product will return to normal operation. If the measured temperature is outside the temperature range, the offset value will be calculated from the measurement results, and control will be performed using the new offset value. If it is outside the set range, temperature measurement and sending will be performed repeatedly for the previously set number of retries.

4. The result will be automatically recorded in FN-1010 once the measurement is completed.