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Powerful Rework Station
Has FR-4101, 140W high power desoldering gun, and FX-8801, soldering iron, as standard. Other applications such as different size of soldering iron and tweezers are also applicable.

Rework Station HAKKO FR-701

Powerful Rework Station with 670W hot air
It handles various soldering, desoldering and reworking by choosing proper handpieces from a selection of 7 types.

Rework Station HAKKO FR-702

Further evolution of SMD rework station
The vacuum pick-up function with an indicator ensures safety for the components and PWB's.

Hot Air Rework Station HAKKO FR-810B

High SPEC model for SMD rework station
Possible to make full-scale thermal profiles with 6-zone hot air and a bottom heater.

Hot Air Rework Station HAKKO FR-811

Employing excellent cost performance filter!

- The life of new filters will be approx. 4 times longer compared to HAKKO FA-430
- With the use of sub-filter, the life of pre-filter and main filter will be approx. 10 times longer!
- Switch ON/OFF of the unit with a remote control

Smoke Absorber HAKKO FA-431

- Individual measurement
- Evaluation external output
- Simple, yet user-friendly

Footwear tester HAKKO FG-460

- All the user-friendly functions are succeeded from FX-888D.
- Two applications can be active at the same time.
- Applicable to all the options, N2 soldering iron, Soldering gun, SMD Hot Tweezers, and Large type soldering iron.

2-port all-round soldering station HAKKO FX-889

140 W high power enables perfect desoldering on multi-layer PWB.
New type nozzle can fit onto micro land patterns and narrow space.

High power desoldering tool HAKKO FR-410

User Notes

Iron holder No.606/609 has been discontinued

The static eliminator generates high voltage inside the unit.
When using the present/discontinued product, please do maintenance such as cleaning inside. If the maintenance has not been done enough, the insulation would be reduced, which might cause a dangerous situation such as smoke, fire and so on.

To the customers who are using the static eliminator



Why can I not blow hot air even when pressing the button?

HAKKO FM-2029 Troubleshooting