Thank you for using HAKKO products.

We have confirmed that some counterfeit products are widely-distributed in the market.
Although these counterfeit products are not manufactured by HAKKO, they are illegally marked with our trademark and logo.
And, it is reported from both domestically and internationally, frequently sold through internet.

These counterfeit products mostly do not meet certain quality standard we defined.
For your safety and your quality control, we recommend not to use the counterfeit products, and use HAKKO genuine products/parts which comply with safety standard and quality criteria.

HAKKO is not responsible for any incident and failure caused by counterfeit products. Please pay special attention when purchasing through internet.

Thank you for your understanding, and we hope to keep serving you continuously with our products.

Pickup Products


HAKKO FR-300 image

Four new features that increase workability and efficiency

- Quick Change Nozzle System provides speed and safety.
- Dial control for easy temperature selection
- Calculated weight balance



HAKKO FM-206 image

Multi-station that enables soldering, desoldering and SMD rework all with a single unit

Combines every function in a compact body



HAKKO FR-872 image

New large-size preheater for large-size boards to make your job easier

-Larger heating area for large-size boards
- Four-Zone heating area
- High efficiency carbon heater



  • Soldering iron
  • Static Control
  • Soldering pot/bath
  • Melter / tester
  • Soldering related equipment and materials
  • Sealer / Glue Gun / Hot air blower
  • Desoldering / Rework
  • Hobby
  • Smoke absorber
  • none
  • Product videos
  • Select Tip Shape
  • Hikaru's diary on learning to solder
  • Document Portal/Instruction Manuals, MSDS & Engineering Documents