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Soldering Iron/Station Type


  • High powered 150 W soldering iron with high heat capacity
  • Best suited for soldering of power-supply boards, heat sinks and shield cases
  • Applicable also for multilayer boards with micro components
  • Selectable soldering iron for N2 system as usage at your option

Available in:

  • Japan
  • North America
  • Europe
  • Oceania
  • Asia
  • Other Countries

High Power 150 W Soldering Station enjoys the various applications from large to fine components.

Great thermal recovery improves the soldering environment.
(Refer to the graph bellow.)

  • It allows soldering at lower set temperatures.
  • It can shorten the soldering working time, which minimize concern about the influence of heat on components and tip life. (Refer to the graph bellow.)

It is suitable not only for high-power required working condition such as soldering multilayer boards or shield cases but for microsoldering.

What benefit can be taken by Low set temperature and Cut in Soldering Working Time?

  1. They reduce the risk of the damage of heat-sensitive chips and workpieces.
  2. They diminish the oxidation of soldering tips.
    As for soldering with Lead-free solder which has high melting point, setting temperature tends to be set higher than soldering with eutectic solder. It stimulates the oxidation of tips and results in the short tip life.

Why is the tip oxidize easily when using lead-free solder?

Operate at Maximum Temperature of 500 Degrees.

  • It enables soldering power-supply boards easily because high power 150 W hand piece can provide great thermal recovery.

High Power but Safety design of low voltage.

  • This unit has not only high power but also low output voltage (27 V) , which is lower than the world safety output voltage of 30 V.

Easy to replace tips.

How to replacement tips for FX-838

  • Cartridge style Integrated heater makes thermal conductivity improve.
  • Available 20 different shape as replacement, some of which are suitable for fine components.

FX-838 replacement Tip List (T20 series)

Temperature preset mode saves time and effort.

  • It allows you to input three frequently-used temperatures in advance and recall them with one push of a button.
  • It saves the troublesome setting condition, tailored to the tip-shape, component and work.

Combination of optional handpiece allows use of N2 system.

N2 system

Great thermal recovery

150 W handpiece provides great thermal recovery, which allows soldering at lower set temperatures to minimize concern about the influence of heat on components and tip life.

Thermal recovery characteristics comparison graph

High power saves the working time.

The high power shortens the working time.

Comparison graph with FX-951

Test criteria

Test method Solder at 5 points and measure the time until temperature of the workpiece reaches 250 degrees.
Board used Bakelite board
Component Terminal
Tip shape Shape-1.6D
Temperature setting 340°C
Solder Lead free solder ( Sn / Ag / Cu ), 0.5 mm dia.

Combination Example

  Name Figure Remarks
1 FX-838 FX838-41 With Control card, Heat resistant pad, Power cord, Connecting cable and Instruction manual.(Not necessary to purchase this unit if you have it.)
2 Iron holder FH200-01 With HAKKO 599B
3 FH200-02 With cleaning sponge
4 FX-8302 FX8302-01  
N2 Soldering Iron
5 T20 Series
T14 Series
Select the tip appropriate for work.
6 Nozzle assembly
T14 Series
Select the nozzle assembly applicable to the tip.
7 N2 Generator

Small-capacity type
Large-capacity type, accepts 2 irons

With Racks for Station Air tube Outer diameter: 6mm It can be placed perpendicularly or horizontally.
With Racks for Station Air tube Outer diameter: 6mm It can be placed perpendicularly or horizontally.
8 FX-791 FX-791  
N2 Flow Meter
9 The others Air tube Outer diameter: 6mm
Air tube Outer diameter: 6 mm
* The others are not provided by HAKKO