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Soldering Iron/Station Type



  • N2 soldering iron designed exclusively for FX-801

Available in:

  • Japan
  • North America
  • Europe
  • Oceania
  • Asia
  • Other Countries

Your searching product was discontinued to be replaced by upgraded model as shown below.

Parts availability

Service parts and consumable parts are still available.

Discontinued Model Succeeding Model
Discontinued (YYYY/MM): 2023/11

N2 Soldering iron FX-8005

  • This iron cannot be connected to FX-801.
    It is necessary to purchase the FX-805 separately.
  • T33 soldering tips can be used with FX-8005.

The N2 gas and preheating effect have achieved significant improvement in soldering work!
N2 soldering iron providing 300 W high output

N2 system reduces soldering defects!

Preheating effect

The hot N2 gas is effective for preheating.

Preventing oxidation

Powerful thermal recovery

Can be used in combination with your existing high power soldering station, FX-801 (discontinued).

N2 System

Can be used in combination with the FX-780/FX-781 and FX-791 to create an N2 System.

Combination Example

218 (W) × 282 (H) × 211 (D) mm
*Reference dimensions

  Name Figure Remarks
1 FX-801
FX801 Station, Handpiece (FX-8002), Heat resistant pad, Power cord, Connecting cable, Iron holder (with cleaning wire), Instruction manual
2 Iron holder HAKKO 599B With HAKKO 599B
Cleaning sponge With cleaning sponge
3 FX-8003 FX8003  
N2 Soldering Iron
4 T33 Series Soldering tip T33 series
Regular type
Soldering tip T33 series
Slim type
Select the tip appropriate for work.
5 Nozzle assembly

Nozzle assemblyNozzle assembly

Select the nozzle assembly applicable to the tip.
6 N2 Generator
Small-capacity type
Large-capacity type, accepts 2 irons
With Racks for Station Air tube Outer diameter: 6mm It can be placed perpendicularly or horizontally.
With Racks for Station Air tube Outer diameter: 6mm It can be placed perpendicularly or horizontally.
7 FX-791 FX-791  
N2 Flow Meter
8 The others Air tube Outer diameter: 6mm
Air tube Outer diameter: 6 mm
* The others are not provided by HAKKO