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HAKKO FV-802イメージ

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  • Japan
  • Compact portable sealer functioning both as adhesion heater and as cutting heater
  • Compact design makes it suitable not only for home use but also for business use
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Featuring both adhesion and cutting with a single unit
Sealing width 1.6mm, length of 200mm, acceptable thickness total 0.2mm
HAKKO FV-801 is applied sealing length of 350mm.
HAKKO FV-803 is compact and available for max. thickness 0.4mm.
HAKKO FV-802 can be used for adhesion or cutting depending on the application.
Applicable to various fields
Perfect sealing is enabled by a simple operation.


Operating Procedure
Procedure 1 Procedure 2 Cutting
Procedure 3(for Cutting)
Set the heating time adjusting knob according to the material and thickness of the package film, and adjust the sealing position. Push down the handle.
For approximately 2 seconds, recommendable knob position is 6.
Procedure 3 (for Adhesion)
After the red pilot lamp turns off, wait for a cooling time of 1 to 2 seconds and then raise the handle.

Heating adjustment table (for adhesion)
Material Polyethylene High-Temperature Film (polypropylene, etc.)
Scale 1


Scale 2 0.06mm or less -
Scale 3 0.10mm or less 0.04mm or less
Scale 4 0.20mm or less 0.06mm or less
Scale 5 - 0.08mm or less
*The above thickness indicates total thickness of two or more films.
*The above table lists standard values. The thickness varies depending on the material and voltage. Select the optimum setting.