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HAKKO FV-801イメージ

Available in:

  • Japan
  • Portable sealer that enables the sealing of up to 350 mm in length
  • Cutting mechanism is incorporated to cut off excessive end of bags after sealing
  • Capability is upgraded to seal aluminum-evaporated bags and gazette bags with a maximum thickness of 0.4 mm
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Ideal for thick bags used for packing tea leaves, coffee beans, and health-food products!
Upgraded capability for processing a bag with sealing width of 5 mm, sealing length of 350 mm, and total film thickness of 0.4 mm at maximum
HAKKO FV-803 is available for the same thickness, but the shorter sealing length: 200mm.
HAKKO FV-802 is applied for the compact sealing length and width.
Applicable for sealing aluminum-evaporated bags (tea packages) and gazette bags. (refer to the following picture). (Maximum thickness: 0.4 mm)
Dual-purpose for adhesion and cutting
Integrated cutting mechanism (Can also be used for processing tubular bags.)
Turning Cutter Knob 90 degrees / Blade edge is raised.


Operating Procedure <For adhesion>
Procedure for Adhesion 1 Procedure for Adhesion 2 Adhesion
Procedure for Adhesion 3
Set the heating time adjusting knob according to the material and thickness of the package film, and adjust the sealing position.   Push down the handle.
For approximately 3 seconds, recommendable knob position is 6.
  After the red pilot lamp turns off, wait for a cooling time of 1 to 2 seconds and then raise the handle.

Operating Procedure <For the FV-801 cutter knob>
Procedure for Cutting 1
Slide the cutter knob to the cutting position.
Procedure for Cutting 2
Turn the cutter knob 90 degrees while holding down the handle.
Procedure for Cutting 3
Slide the cutter knob while holding down the handle to cut off the desired portion of the material. After use, take your hands off the cutter knob, and then raise the handle.

Heating adjustment table (for adhesion)
Material Polyethylene Polypropylene Aluminum-evaporated or
other types of laminate films
Scale 1


- -
Scale 2 0.1mm or less - -
Scale 3 0.2mm or less 0.06mm or less -
Scale 4 - 0.08mm or less 0.3mm or less
Scale 5 - - 0.4mm or less
Scale 6 - - -