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Tip Cleaner / Iron Holder/Tip Cleaner


  • Reduce time for tip cleaning and increase efficiency in soldering process

Available in:

  • Japan
  • North America
  • Europe
  • Oceania
  • Asia
  • Other Countries


Quick tip cleaning

As the infrared sensor detects a tip being inserted, the brushes start rotating automatically to clean a tip quickly.

Increasing efficiency in soldering process by reducing time for tip cleaning

Cleaning a variety of tip shapes

FT-720 surely and quickly cleans a variety of tip shapes, and also a tip even having the guide pipe assembly on a handpiece.

Minimizing tip temperature drop

FT-720 can help increase productivity by shortening the cleaning time and minimizing the tip temperature drop with no use of water.

Comparison of the tip temperature drop

Reduction of solder balls

The narrow opening of the front cover reduces scattering of solder balls.
FT-720 helps keep the work environment nice and clean. (FOD prevention)

The adjustable opening size

By removing the adjuster, the opening can be wider to accept bigger size tips. Also, the removed adjuster can be stored inside the unit.

Brush lineup for different purposes

In addition to the standard brush, two more optional brushes are available (sold separately) for different purposes.

Standard brush
Fluoroplastic brushes

Long-life brush with excellent durability

Effective in reducing of solder balls while tip cleaning

Part No. A5063

Option / Resin brush

Effective in reducing the impact of tip oxidation

Recommended for soldering with lead-free alloy or halogen-free flux

Part No. A1566

Option / Metal brush

Effective in removing solder from a tip completely

Recommended for soldering fine and precise components

Part No. A1567

Products for tip maintenance

Tip cleaner FT-710

FT-710 Tip cleaner that prevents scattering of solder balls

Insertion of a tip into FT-710 turns on the switch to start tip cleaning with brushes.


Maintenance Kit FT-700

FT-700 Tip polisher that removes oxides from a tip

FT-700 removes oxides and carbides from a tip without damaging the tip.