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Static Control/Footwear Tester


  • Meets the requirement of JIS T 8103 : 2010
  • Saves measurement data automatically
  • Personal informaiton can be registered in ID
  • Works as a combo tester for measuring both the footwear and wrist strap at once

Available in:

  • Japan
  • North America
  • Europe
  • Oceania
  • Asia
  • Other Countries



  Part No. Name Specifications
images:C5032 Stand C5032 Stand With hexagon wrench
images:FG-470 FG-470 FG-470 FG-470
images:B5263 Unit integration base B5263 Unit integration base w/connecting cable
For interlocking FG-465 and FG-470
images:B5264 Connecting cable B5264 Connecting cable
For interlocking FG-465 and FG-470

Works as a combo tester

FG-465 can work as a combo tester with FG-470, a wrist strap tester, that makes it possible to conduct measurement, evaluation and recording of both footwear and wrist strap at once.

The FG-470 pass range indicator lights when your hand is placed over the pad of the FG-465.
Keep your hand held down until the result is output.

connecting the FG-465 and FG-470