Smoke Absorber/Air-Purifying Type


HAKKO FA-431イメージ

Available in:

  • Japan
  • Asia
  • Other Countries
  • Excellent cost performance filter
  • Filters out 97% of particles greater than 0.3μm
  • Optional sub-filters extend the life of Pre and Main filters
  • Ideal for factories with a lot of soldering work
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Replacement Parts

  Part No. Name Specifications
photo:A5033 A5033 Main filter L
photo:A5034 A5034 Pre-filter L (qty 10)
photo:B3619 B3619 Cap
photo:C5035 C5035 Remote controller


  Part No. Name Specifications
photo:C1571 C1571 Duct set with rectangular type nozzle
photo:C1572 C1572 Duct set with round type nozzle
photo:A5035 A5035 Sub-filter (qty 5)
photo:A5036 A5036 Sub-filter for rectangular type nozzle (qty 20)
photo:A5037 A5037 Sub-filter for round type nozzle (qty 20)
photo:B5146 B5146 Filter case for rectangular type nozzle
photo:B5147 B5147 Filter case for round type nozzle
photo:B3642 B3642 Duct Φ55mm×1.2m
photo:B3620 B3620 Adapter
photo:B3621 B3621 Adapter 3 inch
photo:B3622 B3622 Nozzle/rectangular type
photo:B3623 B3623 Nozzle/round type
photo:B3625 B3625 Net (qty 5)
photo:B2410 B2410 Duct/2m Φ75mm×2m
photo:B2416 B2416 Duct band (qty 2)
photo:B2418 B2418 Bench top plenum/clear
-When using an independent duct
Part No. Part Name Notes
B3642 Duct ø55 x 1.2 m
B3620 Adapter For attaching duct to main unit.

-Choose from one of 2 types of nozzles for the independent duct.
Part No. Part Name Notes
B3622 Nozzle, rectangular For absorbing smoke from the side.
Nozzle, rectangular
B3623 Nozzle, round For absorbing smoke from above.
Nozzle, round
B3625 Net (5 per pack) For preventing contaminants from being absorbed. (Mesh dimensions: Approx. 10 mm × 10 mm)

-When using a bench top hood

The benchtop hood detailed below requires the separate purchase of a different sized duct, duct band, and 3-inch adapter.

Part No. Part Name Notes
B2418 Benchtop hood For stopping smoke from escaping upwards without being affected by air conditioning.
Benchtop hood
*Requires ø75 duct, duct band (B2416), and 3-inch adapter (B3621).
B2410 Duct Required when using benchtop hood.
*ø75 x 2 m. Not freestanding.
B2416 Duct band Required when using benchtop hood.
Duct band
B3621 Adapter (for 3-inch duct) Required when using benchtop hood and ø75 duct.
Adapter (for 3-inch duct)