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Solder Feeder/Solder Feed System



Available in:

  • Japan
  • North America
  • Europe
  • Oceania
  • Asia
  • Other Countries

Replacement Parts

  Part No. Name Specifications
images:B2104 Driving pulley assembly B2104 Driving pulley assembly 0.6mm
images:B2105 Driving pulley assembly B2105 Driving pulley assembly 0.8mm
images:B2106 Driving pulley assembly B2106 Driving pulley assembly 1.0mm
images:B2107 Driving pulley assembly B2107 Driving pulley assembly 1.2mm
images:B2108 Driving pulley assembly B2108 Driving pulley assembly 1.6mm
images:B2109 Following pulley assembly B2109 Following pulley assembly 0.6mm
images:B2110 Following pulley assembly B2110 Following pulley assembly 0.8mm
images:B2111 Following pulley assembly B2111 Following pulley assembly 1.0mm
images:B2112 Following pulley assembly B2112 Following pulley assembly 1.2mm
images:B2113 Following pulley assembly B2113 Following pulley assembly 1.6mm
images:B2133 Supply nozzle B2133 Supply nozzle 0.6mm
images:B1699 Nozzle B1699 Nozzle 0.6mm
images:B2134 Supply nozzle B2134 Supply nozzle 0.8mm
images:B1700 Nozzle B1700 Nozzle 0.8mm
images:B2135 Supply nozzle B2135 Supply nozzle 1.0mm
images:B1701 Nozzle B1701 Nozzle 1.0mm
images:B2136 Supply nozzle B2136 Supply nozzle 1.2mm
images:B1702 Nozzle B1702 Nozzle 1.2mm
images:B2137 Supply nozzle B2137 Supply nozzle 1.6mm
images:B1703 Nozzle B1703 Nozzle 1.6mm
images:A1323 Cutting blade A1323 Cutting blade