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Applicable Model

Shape BC/C

This type has a shape like a cone or column cut at a slant, which allows users to select the cut surface size depending on the workpiece.
It is used for drag soldering and pre-tinning of lead wires.
How to use the Shape BC/C and examplesDifference between BC/C and BCF/CF tip shape

  • T33-BC2 Shape-2BC
    T33-BC2 Shape-2BC
  • T33-BC3 Shape-3BC
    T33-BC3 Shape-3BC
  • T33-BC4 Shape-4BC
    T33-BC4 Shape-4BC
  • T33-BC5 Shape-5BC
    T33-BC5 Shape-5BC
  • T33-BC6 Shape-6BC
    T33-BC6 Shape-6BC

Shape D

This type has a shape like a flat-blade screwdriver and is capable of soldering by applying the tip in 2 ways: line and face.
The width (size of tip) suitable for the workpiece can be selected, and it can be used for any soldering work.
How to use the Shape D and examples

  • T33-D24 Shape-2.4D
    T33-D24 Shape-2.4D
  • T33-D32 Shape-3.2D
    T33-D32 Shape-3.2D
  • T33-D5 Shape-5D
    T33-D5 Shape-5D
  • T33-D6 Shape-6D
    T33-D6 Shape-6D

Shape Concave

This type has a concave (or V-groove) at the end.
It provides excellent heat supply to solder joint and ensures sufficient solder flow-up.
How to use the Shape Concave and examples

  • T33-1610 with V-groove
    T33-1610 with V-groove
  • T33-1611 with concave
    T33-1611 with concave