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T15 Series Soldering Tips (Narrow-pitch Soldering Type (Shape S))

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T15 Series is available in North America & EU.

HAKKO Recommendations for Selection of Tip Size

T15 Series
* Compatible with lead-free solder. For details, click here.

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Shape BCM/CM Shape BC/C Shape B Shape D Shape I Shape J Shape K SMD Type : Shape Quad SMD Type : Shape Tunnel SMD Type : Shape Spatula Shape A Shape H Shape R Shape SB Special Applications Type Shape Concave

Applicable Model

Shape BC/C

This type has a shape like a cone or column cut at a slant, which allows users to select the cut surface size depending on the workpiece.
It is used for drag soldering and pre-tinning of lead wires.
How to use the Shape BC/C and examplesDifference between BC/C and BCF/CF tip shape

  • T15-SBC04 Shape-0.4SBC
    T15-SBC04 Shape-0.4SBC

Shape SB

A solution for fine-pitch soldering

  • T15-SB02 Shape-0.2SB
    T15-SB02 Shape-0.2SB
  • T15-SB03 Shape-0.3SB
    T15-SB03 Shape-0.3SB
  • T15-SB05 Shape-0.5SB
    T15-SB05 Shape-0.5SB
  • T15-SB08 Shape-0.8SB
    T15-SB08 Shape-0.8SB
  • T15-SBS04 Shape-0.4SBS
    T15-SBS04 Shape-0.4SBS
  • T15-SBS07 Shape-0.7SBS
    T15-SBS07 Shape-0.7SBS