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my pen α

my pen αイメージ

Available in:

  • Japan
  • Multi-type electrothermal pen with temperature control function
  • Perfect for a variety of handicrafts including woodburning, leather craft, carving art and chasing
  • Easily converted to a soldering iron with optional pen tip
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Packing List

Model Name Model No. Set Contents
FD-210 "my pen α", pen assembly, removal pad, 2 pen tip assemblies (T21-B1 and T21-K8), pen stand, instruction manual
[ Product features ]
Continuous temperature scale is marked with 10 levels for fine control of burn darkness. Ideal for drawing animal fur on animal carvings and other delicate designs. Can also be used for lost-wax casting.


Model No. FD-210
Power consumption 45W
Temperature range Room temperature - 550ºC


Output voltage AC 13V
Dimensions 100(W)×120(H)×130(D)mm
Weight 0.8kg

・Soldering Iron

Power consumption 40W (13V)
Standard pen tip Pen tip assembly type 1B (No.T21-B1), Pen tip assembly type 8K (No.T21-K8)
Cord length 1.2m
Total length 95mm
Weight 30g

* Weight for station (w/o cord)
* Total length and weight for pen assembly (w/o cord, pen tip)