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Soldering Iron/Station Type



  • Digital model in an analog-model price bracket
  • Features adjustment mode, preset mode, and password function
  • Separable tip/heater design provides excellent value for money
  • Selectable soldering iron for N2 system as usage at your option

Available in:

  • Japan
  • North America
  • Europe
  • Oceania
  • Asia
  • Other Countries

Soldering Tip/Nozzle

T18 Series

Shape B

  •  Shape-S4

    T18-S4 Shape-S4

    For narrow-pitch soldering

  •  Shape-SB

    T18-SB Shape-SB

    For narrow-pitch soldering

  •  Shape-B

    T18-B Shape-B

  •  Shape-BL

    T18-BL Shape-BL

Shape C

  •  Shape-0.5C

    T18-C05 Shape-0.5C

  •  Shape-0.8C

    T18-C08 Shape-0.8C

  •  Shape-1C

    T18-C1 Shape-1C

  •  Shape-S6

    T18-S6 Shape-S6

  •  Shape-7S

    T18-S7 Shape-7S


  •  Shape-2C

    T18-C2 Shape-2C

  •  Shape-3C

    T18-C3 Shape-3C

  •  Shape-4C

    T18-C4 Shape-4C

  •  Shape-5C

    T18-C5 Shape-5C

  •  Shape-1C

    T18-CF1 Shape-1C

    Tinned cut surface only

  •  Shape-1.5C

    T18-CF15 Shape-1.5C

    Tinned cut surface only

  •  Shape-2C

    T18-CF2 Shape-2C

    Tinned cut surface only

  •  Shape-2.5CS

    T18-CSF25 Shape-2.5CS

    Tinned cut surface only

  •  Shape-3C

    T18-CF3 Shape-3C

    Tinned cut surface only

  •  Shape-4C

    T18-CF4 Shape-4C

    Tinned cut surface only

Shape D

  •  Shape-0.8D

    T18-D08 Shape-0.8D

  •  Shape-1.2D

    T18-D12 Shape-1.2D

  •  Shape-S9

    T18-S9 Shape-S9

    For narrow-pitch soldering

  •  Shape-1.6D

    T18-D16 Shape-1.6D

  •  Shape-2.4D

    T18-D24 Shape-2.4D

  •  Shape-3.2D

    T18-D32 Shape-3.2D

  •  Shape-S3

    T18-S3 Shape-S3

  •  Shape-1.2DL

    T18-DL12 Shape-1.2DL

  •  Shape-2DL

    T18-DL2 Shape-2DL

  •  Shape-3.2DL

    T18-DL32 Shape-3.2DL

Shape I

  •  Shape-I

    T18-I Shape-I

  •  Shape-IS

    T18-IS Shape-IS

Shape J

  •  Shape-0.2BR

    T18-BR02 Shape-0.2BR

Shape K

  •  Shape-K

    T18-K Shape-K

  •  Shape-3.5K

    T18-K35 Shape-3.5K