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Desoldering / Rework/Preheater


  • Infrared pre-heater that provides the optimal heating effect over the whole workpiece surface
  • 2 Independent switchable work grid partitions
  • Infrared carbon heater

Available in:

  • Japan
  • North America
  • Europe
  • Oceania
  • Asia
  • Other Countries


Carbon heaters provide powerful support for insufficient heat when reworking and mounting post-production add-ons

Improving work efficiency by full-board heating and rapid heating

Six carbon heaters preheat the whole board immediately after turning the power on. Full-board heating and quick temperature ramping get the job done quickly when reworking or mounting post-production components to multilayer substrates that require greater thermal capacity. As it does not contaminate the air, the FR-870B also offers powerful support for a clean workplace environment in industrial applications.

  • Fully heated 248 mm x 140 mm work grid
  • Use each side independently to reduce power consumption.

Quick temperature ramping just like a regular infrared heater. Instant warmth at the flick of a switch. Doesn't contaminate the air.

Non-contact heating for double-sided boards

Non-contact heating allows preheating of double-sided boards, which hot plates cannot handle.

Non-contact system

Set thermal profiles

Auto mode step-heating method (maximum of three steps/step 1 to 3) heats PWBs slowly and evenly, letting you transmit 100% of the heat energy from a rework system and soldering iron. You'll never be forced to work with a higher set temperature due to insufficient heat again.

Power Mode

Power mode lets you control heater output using settings from 0% to 100%.

T/C Mode

Once the temperature of the sensor attached to the board reaches the set temperature, the heater is on-off controlled so that the board temperature can be maintained at the set temperature.
Power Mode T/C Mode  
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Auto Mode

Auto mode provides three steps (Step 1 to 3) to create an optimal heating profile for the work in question, letting all operators consistently produce work of the same quality. Programs can be set for ten channels in each mode.

  • Power Mode

    Power Mode
  • T/C Mode

    T/C Mode

Board attachment system supports continuous work

Once a PWB is positioned, boards of the same dimensions can be removed or attached in a single motion.
This design greatly supports continuous work.

  • feature1

    Adjust screws to match board width and length.

  • feature2

    Boards are hot after operation and must be handled with care.

  • feature3