Rework Station/Rework / Repair System


HAKKO FR-702むパージ

Available in:

  • Japan
  • EU
  • Oceania
  • Asia
  • Other Countries
  • Powerful rework stations that contain every function needed for rework
  • Safer and more secure rework operation
  • With upgraded all the applications
  • 4-in-1 unit for space saving
  • Compatible with N2 system by purchasing N2 iron (FX-8802) as an optional accessary
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Replacement Parts

  Part No. Name Specifications
photo:FX8801-01 FX8801-01 Soldering iron FX-8801 65W (26V), w/B tip
photo:A1560 A1560 Heating element 65W (26V)
photo:B5122 B5122 Enclosure pipe assembly
photo:FR4103-81 FR4103-81 Desoldering tool FR-4103
* The replacement for FR4101-81.
140W (24V), w/Φ1.0mm S type nozzle
photo:A5055 A5055 Heating element 140W (24V), for FR-4103
photo:B5222 B5222 Enclosure pipe for FR-4103
photo:B5185 B5185 Filter pipe assembly
* The replacement for B5105.
with ceramic paper filter and related parts
photo:B5105 B5105 Filter pipe assembly
* Discontinued. The replacement is "B5185".
with ceramic paper filter and related parts
photo:A5044 A5044 Ceramic paper filter-L (qty 10)
* The replacement for A1033.
photo:A1033 A1033 Ceramic paper filter-L (qty 10)
* Discontinued. The replacement is "A5044".
photo:B5104 B5104 Pre-filter
photo:A5030 A5030 Front holder
photo:A5031 A5031 Filter holder
photo:A5020 A5020 Filter (qty 10)
photo:A1013 A1013 Diaphragm (qty 2)
photo:A1014 A1014 Valve plate (qty 2)
photo:B5045 B5045 Pipe
photo:B5049 B5049 Mica with heater protection sleeve
photo:B5048 B5048 Iron holder
photo:B2300 B2300 Heat resistant pad
photo:C5030 C5030 Tool box
photo:B5106 B5106 Nozzle wrench
photo:B1087 B1087 Cleaning pin nozzle Φ1mm
photo:B1215 B1215 Cleaning pin heating element
photo:B1303 B1303 Cleaning drill nozzle Φ1mm
photo:B1306 B1306 Drill holder nozzle Φ0.8/1mm
photo:B1309 B1309 Drill (nozzle Φ1mm, qty 10)
photo:FH800-03BY FH800-03BY Iron holder <w/ cleaning sponge, cleaning wire> blue & yellow
photo:A1559 A1559 Cleaning sponge for FH-800
photo:A1561 A1561 Cleaning wire for FH-800
photo:FH410-82 FH410-82 Iron holder <w/ cleaning wire> for FR-4103
photo:599-029 599-029 Cleaning wire
photo:A1438 A1438 Pad/7.6mm (qty 5)
photo:A1439 A1439 Pad/5mm (qty 5)
photo:A1520 A1520 Pad/3mm (qty 5)
photo:B3023 B3023 Vacuum pipe control knob (L) with screw


  Part No. Name Specifications
photo:FX8802-01 FX8802-01 Soldering iron FX-8802 65W (26V), w/B tip, for N2 soldering
photo:FX8803-02 FX8803-02 Soldering gun FX-8803 65W (26V), w/3CF tip
photo:FX8803-03 FX8803-03 Soldering gun FX-8803 65W (26V), w/3CF tip
photo:FX8803-04 FX8803-04 Soldering gun FX-8803 65W (26V), w/3CF tip
photo:FX8804-02 FX8804-02 SMD hot tweezer FX-8804 65W (26V), w/2L tip
photo:FX8804-03 FX8804-03 SMD hot tweezer FX-8804 65W (26V), w/2L tip
photo:FX8804-04 FX8804-04 SMD hot tweezer FX-8804 65W (26V), w/2L tip
photo:FX8805-01 FX8805-01 Soldering iron FX-8805 65W (26V), w/B tip, for soldering (L type)
photo:C5046 C5046 Nozzle quick changer for FR-4103, FR-301
photo:B5228 B5228 Receptacle for C5046
photo:B5230 B5230 Oval nozzle positioning jig for FR-4103
photo:C1437 C1437 Iron holder <w/ cleaning sponge> for 951,952,958,959 (Discontinued) and FX-8803
photo:FH800-04BY FH800-04BY Iron holder <w/ cleaning sponge> blue & yellow, for FX-8804
photo:B3666 B3666 Holder clip
photo:B1086 B1086 Cleaning pin nozzle Φ0.8mm
photo:B1088 B1088 Cleaning pin nozzle Φ1.3mm
photo:B1089 B1089 Cleaning pin nozzle Φ1.6mm
photo:B5141 B5141 Cleaning drill nozzle Φ0.6mm
photo:B1302 B1302 Cleaning drill nozzle Φ0.8mm
photo:B1304 B1304 Cleaning drill nozzle Φ1.3mm
photo:B1305 B1305 Cleaning drill nozzle Φ1.6mm
photo:B5142 B5142 Drill holder nozzle Φ0.6mm
photo:B1307 B1307 Drill holder nozzle Φ1.3/1.6mm
photo:B5143 B5143 Drill (nozzle Φ0.6mm, qty 10)
photo:B1308 B1308 Drill (nozzle Φ0.8mm, qty 10)
photo:B1310 B1310 Drill (nozzle Φ1.3mm, qty 10)
photo:B1311 B1311 Drill (nozzle Φ1.6mm, qty 10)
photo:B5126 B5126 Air guard assembly with air guard fixing bracket
photo:C5027 C5027 Board holder
photo:C5028 C5028 Grip fixture M set with hexagon wrench, o-ring and tray
photo:C5029 C5029 Grip fixture L set with hexagon wrench and o-ring
photo:B5098 B5098 Board clip
photo:B5136 B5136 Board support unit
photo:B5138 B5138 Positioning unit
photo:B5137 B5137 Rubber foot
photo:A1519 A1519 Cleaning sponge
* The replacement for A1536.