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Desoldering / Rework/Desoldering Tool


  • Use of high thermal efficiency N61 series nozzles
  • A wide range of nozzles and shapes for secure desoldering
  • Reduction of solder clogging by improved heating core
  • Easy filter maintenace
  • Safe and easy nozzle change with the nozzle wrench

Available in:

  • Japan
  • North America
  • Europe
  • Oceania
  • Asia
  • Other Countries


  Part No. Name Specifications
images:C5046 Nozzle quick changer C5046 Nozzle quick changer
For FR-4103 & FR-301
images:B5228 Receptacle B5228 Receptacle
For C5046
images:B5231 Oval nozzle positioning jig B5231 Oval nozzle positioning jig
For FR-301
images:C1100 Iron holder C1100 Iron holder With cleaning sponge
For 808 (Discontinued), FR-300 (Discontinued) and FR-301
images:A1042 Cleaning sponge A1042 Cleaning sponge
For 607, 609(Discontinued), 631, C1437, C1100
images:B1086 Cleaning pin B1086 Cleaning pin
For 0.8mm dia. nozzle
images:B1088 Cleaning pin B1088 Cleaning pin
For 1.3mm dia. nozzle
images:B1089 Cleaning pin B1089 Cleaning pin
For 1.6mm dia. nozzle
images:B1302 Cleaning drill B1302 Cleaning drill
For 0.8mm dia. nozzle
images:B1303 Cleaning drill B1303 Cleaning drill
For 1.0mm dia. nozzle
images:B1304 Cleaning drill B1304 Cleaning drill
For 1.3mm dia. nozzle
images:B1305 Cleaning drill B1305 Cleaning drill
For 1.6mm dia. nozzle
images:B1306 Drill holder B1306 Drill holder
For 0.8mm/1.0mm dia. nozzle
images:B1307 Drill holder B1307 Drill holder
For 1.3mm/1.6mm dia. nozzle
images:B1308 Drill B1308 Drill Qty:10
For 0.8mm dia. nozzle
images:B1309 Drill B1309 Drill Qty:10
For 1.0mm dia. nozzle
images:B1310 Drill B1310 Drill Qty:10
For 1.3mm dia. nozzle
images:B1311 Drill B1311 Drill Qty: 10
For 1.6mm dia. nozzle