Vacuum Pick-Up Tool/Built-in Vacuum Pump Type


HAKKO 392イメージ

Available in:

  • Japan
  • Asia
  • Other Countries
  • Outlet-powered suction pick-up tool with built-in vacuum pump
  • Pick-up capacity can be increased up to 230gf with an optional pad
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Replacement Parts

  Part No. Name Specifications
photo:A1164 A1164 Bent nozzle Φ0.4mm
photo:A1165 A1165 Bent nozzle with stopper, Φ1.1mm
photo:A1166 A1166 Pad Φ3mm
photo:A1167 A1167 Pad Φ7mm
photo:A1198 A1198 Bent nozzle Φ0.26mm
photo:A1486 A1486 Straight nozzle with stopper, Φ1.1mm
photo:A1312 A1312 Pad Φ5mm
photo:A1311 A1311 Pad Φ10mm
photo:B1023 B1023 Hose ESD
photo:B1499 B1499 Pen
photo:C1058 C1058 Pen assembly with bent nozzles (Φ0.4/Φ1.1 mm) and pads (Φ3/Φ7 mm)
photo:B1496 B1496 Inner hose with filter

No.C1058 with bent nozzles (Φ0.4/Φ1.1) and pads (Φ3/Φ7)