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T33 Series (300 W) for FX-805

T33 Series (300 W) are also compatible with FX-805.

T33 Series: Regular Type

Shape BC/C

  • Shape-2BC

    T33-BC2 Shape-2BC

  • Shape-3BC

    T33-BC3 Shape-3BC

  •  Shape-4BC

    T33-BC4 Shape-4BC

  • Shape-5BC

    T33-BC5 Shape-5BC

  • Shape-6BC

    T33-BC6 Shape-6BC

Shape D

  • Shape-2.4D

    T33-D24 Shape-2.4D

  • Shape-3.2D

    T33-D32 Shape-3.2D

  • Shape-5D

    T33-D5 Shape-5D

  • Shape-6D

    T33-D6 Shape-6D

Shape Concave

  • with V-groove

    T33-1610 with V-groove

  • with concave

    T33-1611 with concave

T33 Series: Slim Type

Shape BC/C

  • Shape-2SSBC

    T33-SSBC2 Shape-2SSBC

  • Shape-3SSBC

    T33-SSBC3 Shape-3SSBC

  • Shape-4SSBC

    T33-SSBC4 Shape-4SSBC

  • Shape-5SSBC

    T33-SSBC5 Shape-5SSBC

Shape D

  • Shape-1.6SSD

    T33-SSD16 Shape-1.6SSD

  • Shape-2.4SSD

    T33-SSD24 Shape-2.4SSD

  • Shape-3.2SSD

    T33-SSD32 Shape-3.2SSD

  • Shape-6SSD

    T33-SSD6 Shape-6SSD

Shape Concave

  • with V-groove

    T33-SS1610 with V-groove

  • with concave

    T33-SS1611 with concave