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Tube Unit ( Conventional type )

The tube unit of the conventional type comes with clips, beaded cable ties, and *retaining clip.

  •  A retaining clip is not contained in the tube unit for FX-888D/FX-889 (handpiece FX-8801/FX-8805)
  1. Tube Unit
  2. Clips
  3. Beaded cable ties
  4. Retaining clip
Tube Unit  Packing

<Retaining clip>

Replace the retaining clip with the one on the FH-200 iron holder. Then, the soldering iron with the tube unit and guide pipe assembly can fit into the iron holder.

  •  The iron holder with a replaced retaining clip accepts the soldering iron with a tube unit.
  •  In case you use the bottom-feed type tube unit, purchase the dedicated iron receptacle separately.
Replace the retaining clip
Replace the retaining clip_Bottom feeded type